Customer Success Executive

  • Full-time

Company Description

Tuotempo is the leading CRM for the Healthcare sector. It is part of the international DocPlanner Group which is the fastest growing healthtech SaaS unicorn in Europe and Latin America specialized in digitizing healthcare providers and redesigning the patient experience.

Our groundbreaking technology is the preferred choice of the biggest healthcare providers in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Turkey, and many other markets.

To add to our team, we are looking for a talented Customer Success Executive who is enthusiastic about working in a start-up and building their career in a fun and ever-changing environment. The Customer Success Executive we are looking for is the one who will provide strategic guidance and apply best practices to Tuotempo's customers in Brazil.

What we are looking for in a Customer Success Executive is not a relationship manager or even a customer support person. We want strategic consultants who excel at identifying strategic points of improvement for customers, critical thinkers who know technology and have excellent interpersonal skills. We're looking for someone who is 100% oriented towards the client and its success.

🏠 Our lovely office is in Curitiba. We encourage a mix of remote and in-office work to connect with the team and experience the work environment but we can also accomodate 100% remote work.

Our hiring team is international: we kindly ask you to submit your resume in English 🙏

Job Description

As a Customer Success Executive, your primary responsibilities will include:

  • Developing a profound analytical understanding of clients' challenges and opportunities, acting as a strategic consultant to ensure their success with Tuotempo.
  • Maintaining continuous communication with clients to gather feedback, understand evolving challenges and opportunities, share ROI insights, and encourage the utilization of new features to meet customer needs.
  • Proactively identifying upsell opportunities within the assigned customer portfolio, with a focus on enhancing tool engagement.
  • Analyzing clients struggling with our product, collaborating to understand their problems, overcoming objections, and articulating effective solutions.
  • Ensuring high customer satisfaction and retention through daily monitoring of relevant metrics.
  • Gathering structured, data-driven information from customer feedback to contribute to product improvement.


We are seeking a candidate with the following qualifications:

  • Professional Experience: A minimum of 3 to 5 years of proven expertise in Customer Success or Account Management is required.

  • Industry Experience: Prior experience in the software industry is essential for this role.

  • B2B Upselling: Demonstrated proficiency in B2B upselling is a key requirement.

  • Communication Skills: Exceptional communication skills, characterized by precise language use, adept argumentation, and the ability to synthesize comprehensive reports.

  • Relationship Building: Proven ability to cultivate trusting relationships with clients across various organizational levels, including specialists and managers.

  • Analytical Mindset: Attentiveness to data and details, coupled with an analytical mindset, is crucial for success in this position.

  • Language Proficiency: Fluent in English, with the capability to engage in conversational-level communication.

Additional Information

Process Steps:

  • Intro call with Marianna, our Talent Acquisition Partner, to discuss your motivation, the value fit, and your attributes. It is also an opportunity for you to learn more about the company.
  • 1-hour interview with Priscila, your manager in this role. You will deep dive into the job specs and your role-related skills.
  • We will give you 5 days to work on a Business Case: here we will check more of your knowledge and creativity.
  • Final interview with Priscila (your manager) and Anna (Customer Success Manager Enterprise) to discuss your business case, further assess your professional experience, and technical skills. They will also be there to answer  any questions left about the position.

Our benefits:

  • Our working hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm;
  • Need to work beyond your usual hours? We have a bank of hours for you to use these hours as time off later;
  • We offer a Meal Voucher worth R$30.00 per day worked, but if you enjoy cooking at home, you can replace it with a Food Voucher, for the same amount, or even order half and half (R$15.00 -meal and BRL 15.00 food allowance per day), making life easier for those who are 100% remote or in hybrid work;
  • For commuting to the office, we offer Vale Transporte;
  • Speaking of Health, we offer Medical, Dental and Group Life Insurance;
  • We also offer Pharmacy Assistance, with discounts from 10% to 70% on medicines in the accredited network;
  • We offer the iFeel app, for emotional comfort, which combines traditional psychology with artificial intelligence, helping you on those most difficult days;
  • SupportPass offers free professional support and guidance in the psychological, legal, economic and social areas, providing support in those more delicate issues;
  • And the fitness life? We offer Gympass for you and 3 dependents! Because working out alone is really boring, right?
  • Did you think your PET would be left out? Of course! We offer Plano Pet, also extending care to your pet;
  • Stock Options - eligible after 6 months of employment (5 years grace period) - YES! You become a partner of the company;
  • Everyone has a birthday, right? Our present, for you, is a Birthday Day Off, so that you can celebrate the way you prefer, with the ones you love the most;
  • We have a robust Partnership Club, with discounts ranging from teaching institutions, such as colleges and languages, to exclusive banking benefits;
  • Our Licenses are differentiated here: in case of death of loved ones, we offer 10 days; If your PET dies, you have 2 days. Married:? 7 days of rest! Did the baby arrive? We offer 30 days for Dad and 6 months for Mom;
  • Did you like working here? Then refer a friend or relative! We love having family and friends around! Our New Warriors Referral Program offers up to R$600 per person who stays with us for more than 6 months.
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