Senior Data Scientist

  • Tempo integral

Descrição da empresa

Docplanner builds a world-leading online practice management software for the healthcare sector in the SaaS model. We help 130,000 doctors and clinics digitize their practices and deliver exceptional patient experience in over 13 countries. We also run marketplace websites that allow 80 million patients monthly to easily find the right doctor and book an appointment.

Our mission is to “make the healthcare experience more human”.

Docplanner was founded in 2012 in Poland. Our team today numbers over 2,200 people based in offices in 7 countries: Poland, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Italy, Mexico and Brazil.

We are backed by awesome and leading venture capital funds including Point Nine Capital, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and One Peak Partners from whom we’ve raised a total of €300 million to date.

Descrição do emprego

  • Gathering and analyzing data from various trustable sources;
  • Processing, cleansing, and integrating data to derive insights;
  • Utilizing tools and techniques to visualize data and help design future strategies;
  • Suggesting alternative methods and proposing solutions to tackle complex business challenges.


  • Proficiency in Python and query languages as SQL is needed;
  • Good knowledge of applied statistical skills are key to success;.
  • Strong hold over data visualization tools like Tableau, Data Studio etc.;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required;
  • Advanced English (reading, writing and speaking) - you will use it daily!

Informações Adicionais

  • Our working hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm;
  • Need to work beyond your usual hours? We have a time bank for you to use these hours as time off later;
  • We offer a Meal Voucher worth R$30.00 per day worked, but if you enjoy cooking at home, you can replace it with a Food Voucher, for the same amount, or even order half and half (R$15.00 -meal and BRL 15.00 food allowance per day), making life easier for those who are 100% remote or in hybrid work;
  • For commuting to the office, we offer Vale Transporte;
  • Speaking of Health, we offer Medical, Dental and Group Life Insurance;
  • We also offer Pharmacy Assistance, with discounts from 10% to 70% on medicines in the accredited network;
  • We offer the iFeel app, for emotional comfort, which combines traditional psychology with artificial intelligence, helping you on those most difficult days;
  • SupportPass offers free professional support and guidance in the psychological, legal, economic and social areas, providing support in those more delicate issues;
  • And the fitness life? We offer Gympass for you and 3 dependents! Because working out alone is really boring, right?
  • Did you think your PET would be left out? Of course! We offer Plano Pet, also extending care to your pet;
  • Stock Options - eligible after 6 months of employment (5 years grace period) - YES! You become a partner of the company;
  • Everyone has a birthday, right? Our present, for you, is a Birthday Day Off, so that you can celebrate the way you prefer, with the ones you love the most;
  • We have a robust Partnership Club, with discounts ranging from teaching institutions, such as colleges and languages, to exclusive banking benefits;
  • Our Licenses are differentiated here: in case of death of loved ones, we offer 10 days; If your PET dies, you have 2 days. Married:? 7 days of rest! Did the baby arrive? We offer 30 days for Dad and 6 months for Mom;
  • Did you like working here? Then refer a friend or relative! We love having family and friends around! Our New Warriors Referral Program offers up to R$600 per person who stays with us for more than 6 months.

Process Steps:

  • Resume review: at this first step we analyze your resume according to the requirements for the role;
  • Talent Acquisition Interview: one of our recruiters will make a call. The focus of this stage is the assessment by skills and cultural fit, as well as an opportunity for you to learn more about the company;
  • Interview with the Hiring Manager: to further assess your professional experience and technical skills. The hiring manager will also be able to answers more of your questions about the position;
  • Interview with Global Leadership;
  • We provide feedback at all stages.
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