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Company Description

At Dexterra, we create exceptional customer experiences that make our clients shine. Powered by passionate people, we bring the right teams with the right skills together to turn problems into solutions and challenges into moments of ingenuity.

We work diligently behind the scenes to make our clients’ day-to-day operations succeed. Not because it’s what our clients want. But rather, what they need. Thousands of people count on them. And on us. For the seamless experiences to carry on with their day – to shop, study, catch a plane, recover in a hospital, work in town or far from home.

No other company delivers service, safety and quality like we do. Our expertise is matched only by our long-standing relationships. From the largest cities to the most remote corners, years of experience have taught us that relationships come above all else. It’s why we take the time to get to know our clients. To understand their customers and the complexities of their business. It’s how we provide innovative solutions that address their unique needs – going above and beyond.

Job Description

Responsible to an Operations Coordinator and Operations Manager, the plumber will perform, and coordinates assigned work orders with maintenance staff, HVAC technicians Gasfitters and self perform on sites and document in CMMS to check work once complete.  The Plumber plans and schedules maintenance and repair work. Inspects, installs, repairs, and replaces pipe fittings and plumbing fixtures to maintain the heating, water, gas, and drainage systems of the sites. Task include opening clogged drains, replaces worn parts in leaky valves or taps and pumps. Assumes responsibilities as delegated and authorizes purchase of maintenance supplies. Reviews completed work orders for service level documentation and filing within CMMS and with municipalities as required.


  • Repairs and remodeling of plumbing and heating systems, toilets, sinks, drinking fountain and associated   valves.  Maintain potable water systems, hot and cold, hot water tanks, and drainage systems.
  • Calls in maintenance contractors as required.
  • Reviews and approves vacation requests of maintenance and operation staff
  • Supervise other tradesmen and helpers, order plumbing material and repair parts.  Maintain stock room and control stock.
  • Helps plan and schedule maintenance and repair work for facility.
  • Reads and interprets blueprints, requisitions, equipment, and material.
  • Co-ordinates with internal/external construction projects.
  • Ensure new equipment is entered into computer, distribute computer sheets to appropriate people. Check computer log sheets are done and keep records of work completed in the CMMS software program.
  • Provide input to Coordinators & Operations Manager, Plant Operations & Maintenance on performance appraisals.
  • Ensures maintenance department has required material in stock



  • Mandatory licensed tradesman in the plumbing mechanical trades in Ontario.
  • Ontario Drivers Licence
  • Clean and clean Security clearance to Enhanced Reliability for work on National Defence sites in Ontario


  • Using best judgment shuts off building systems if deemed necessary.  Repairs plumbing fixtures and systems as required.


  • Errors can result in lost time and money, and damage to property.


  • This position works with all members of the department, other departments, and external firms. 
  • Excellent communications and interpersonal skills are required.


  • Assigns and checks work of maintenance staff.
  • Provides technical guidance to maintenance staff.
  • If a lead, a foreman would supervise up to approximately 10 full time employees.


  • Ability to assess, assign and action multiple tasks at one time.
  • Considerable lifting, walking, and standing

Additional Information

Additional information

Manager:  Deputy Project Manager

Direct Reports: None

Peers:  Project Coordinators

Business stakeholders: : Operation coordinators, FMT’s, DCC inspectors, DCC project coordinators

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