Senior NoSQL Developer

  • Part-time

Company Description

A fast-growing company (blah blah blah) with a young and energetic team (yadda yadda yadda) is looking for a talented and serious Senior NoSQL Developer. 

We assess IT skills, but not in a boring, algorithmic way. And not in a “we try to be cool and fun too much” way either. What we do is we create a real work environment resembling your first day at a new job! And we do it by wrecking our tasks and tests enough to be usable for our purposes. So we are looking for expert demolishers in the NoSQL field.

Job Description

Three hours every other week? We’ll take that! More time on your hands? Yeah, sure! Flexible deadlines are our way of thinking! 100% remote w/o any creepy spyware. Work the way you like.


  • 4+ years of experience working in NoSQL,

  • Experience with the latest NoSQL related technologies,

  • Advanced/high intermediate English skills, 

  • Availability from 5 to 40 hours per month,

  • Analytical skills/Ability to learn fast/A strong sense of ownership etc w/e. - just be reliable

Additional Information

Any questions? Great, don’t hesitate to ask us. Want to apply but you don’t know what you know about our platform? No problem, we’ll invite you to take one of our tests!

It’s not a job for you but you have someone in your mind that fits this role? Just let them know about this job offer, we will be more than grateful.

If this offer doesn’t fit you technologically, check our website for more!