Senior backend engineer

  • Klara Östra kyrkogata 2B, 111 52 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Full-time
  • Contract type: Permanent contract

Company Description

At Jayway, we are more than 200 colleagues within development, design, testing and project management, located in Sweden, Copenhagen and the U.S. We appreciate making innovative solutions with our clients.

We aim for fun and challenging projects of the right size - typically 3-8 people, working agile, exploring and developing creative technology solutions. We work with clients ranging from small specialist companies to some of the biggest ones in the world. We've introduced agile methodologies at many of our clients, and of course practice what we preach.

Job Description

As a senior backend engineer at Jayway, you have experience and knowledge of how to design API:s and technical architecture and have the skill required to implement them efficiently with or without the use of frameworks. You are an advocate for creating the best solution, not the easiest. You enjoy working alongside other developers, designers and data scientists in teams where you get to contribute with your expertise. You are passionate about learning and testing new technologies, comfortable and experienced working with agile development.

As a engineer, we expect you to take shared ownership and responsibility of guiding the team in the development process to solve the right problems in the right way. You are comfortable sharing your knowledge with the team and clients, and working with a high level of autonomy. Your goal is to develop innovative solutions for clients that provide actual business value.

Your typical work will contain: 

  • Develop and deliver high-quality products and services.

  • Being a specialist within your area

  • Identify areas of improvement and proactively implement those with the team

  • When applicable being part of pre-and upsales in the projects and assignments such as writing offers and presentations

  • Having regular communication with clients

  • Assist and problem-solve together with your colleagues


The following are a guide and we’d still love to hear from candidates with more, less, or different experience, provided the requisite skills can be demonstrated. However, it is a requirement that you have a valid Swedish work permit and are able to work in Stockholm.

  • Extensive knowledge and professional experience in software development

  • Proven working experience in backend languages

  • Knowledge about functional and reactive programming

  • Hands-on experience with Cloud technologies (AWS, GCP or Azure)

  • Solid understanding and experience in designing and developing API:s (e.g. REST, REST-like, GQL)

  • Good understanding of microservice architecture principles and use cases 

  • Good understanding of different kinds of databases, including use cases and limitations

  • Professional experience with working in agile teams

We would love if you also have::

  • Modern CI/CD setups

  • Containerisation and container management

  • Understanding of Infrastructure as code practices and /or experience with managing IaC setup

  • Any other skills or experiences (professional or hobby) that might add business value, e.g.

    • Skills not related to your speciality (Design or UX for developer and vice versa, project/ team management etc.)

    • Other tech related specialities (e.g. VR, 3d printing, IOT)

    • Domain expertise

Additional Information

Jayway Stockholm.
Jayway is a creative tech consulting company based in Stockholm. We work in small teams where we combine design, development and creativity to create digital products. We focus on running long term projects that deliver measurable business value for the clients we choose to work with. We incorporate ‘design thinking’ and ‘data thinking’ into everything we do.

Jayway is divided into small ‘studios’ of approximately 30 people who act as your ‘family’ in Jayway. This makes sure you are always seen and heard, and helps facilitate your growth and development. Being a part of a studio at Jayway gives you the benefits of working at a small company, while delivering high-quality products to some of the biggest companies in the world. Alongside their studio, everyone is also part of a ‘competence community’ within their specific area of expertise, as well as those they find interesting. This means that you are always able to discuss and review solutions, technical issues, and ideas with others from your competence area. 

As a Jaywayer in Stockholm you get:

  • Awesome and skilled colleagues - our Studio currently comprises 25+ Jaywayers. 

  • A human-centric, value-based culture

  • Best-in-class (we can prove it!) competence development.

  • 10 - 12 competence days per year incl. an annual trip with your studio.

  • Challenging and rewarding assignments; many of them end-to-end

  • Health service, access to massage, naprapath, etc.

  • Wellness grants for sports activities

  • Many social events during the year. Jaywayers are creative and come up with all sorts of fun activities. Why not bring your own fav activities.

  • Opportunity to work abroad.

A fair chance
Jayway is open to applications from all sections of society. We believe diverse teams help us make better products. We welcome all people regardless of age, gender, experience and background. If you can see yourself in this role and feel you can bring value and a unique perspective to Jayway, we hope you will send us your application - even if you do not necessarily meet all the above requirements.

Recruitment Process
We invite all suitable candidates in for interviews to learn more about you and introduce ourselves. If our culture and expectations align then we invite you to a technical interview. After this is a final interview with the studio/lead we feel is best suited to help you thrive at Jayway.  

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