Data Engineer

  • Klara Östra kyrkogata 2B, 111 52 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Full-time
  • Contract type: Permanent contract

Company Description

At Jayway, we are more than 200 colleagues within development, design, testing and project management, located in Sweden, Copenhagen and the U.S. We appreciate making innovative solutions with our clients.

We aim for fun and challenging projects of the right size - typically 3-8 people, working agile, exploring and developing creative technology solutions. We work with clients ranging from small specialist companies to some of the biggest ones in the world. We've introduced agile methodologies at many of our clients, and of course practice what we preach.

Job Description

As a Data Engineer, you have recent experience and extensive knowledge of ingesting, storing and processing large datasets utilizing a public Cloud provider. We imagine you currently work alongside developers and data scientists in cross-functional teams where you contribute with your expertise on building, maintaining and automating data pipelines. You ensure, together with data scientists, ML or analytics models are put into production so that they quickly and continuously provide value to the business.

The field of data science fast-paced and ever-changing. Consequently, our daily work often involve researching and evaluating new tools and methodologies to strive for improvement in how we might work better with data. We think you approach data science with the same curiosity and thrive in being part of this rapidly changing landscape.


Skills and requirements:

  • Relevant BSc or MSc in science or engineering.

  • More than 3 years of experience in designing, building and maintaining data pipelines for ingesting, storing and processing large datasets.

  • More than 3 years of experience with Infrastructure-as-Code tools, e.g. CloudFormation, Azure ARM, Terraform.

  • More than 3 years of experience with processing large datasets using Python or Scala on Spark, Dataflow, or similar batch or stream processing platforms.

  • Detailed technical knowledge of one or more major public Cloud platforms.

  • Experience with continuous deployment in a public Cloud environment.

  • Familiarity with agile delivery methodologies and use of DevOps delivery infrastructure.

  • Valid Swedish work permit.

We would love if you also have:

  • Experience in architecting and building distributed systems on one or more public Cloud platforms.

Additional Information

As a Jaywayer in Stockholm you get:

  • 10 competence days per year incl. an annual trip abroad.

  • Computer, phone and telephone subscription.

  • Health service and corporate massage.

  • Wellness grant for sports activities

  • Social events during the year which we call fun activities, it could be go-cart racing, movie night, board games evening, quiz night etc. 

Our recruitment process.

We invite all suitable candidates in for interviews to learn more about you and introduce ourselves. If the interest is mutual, we will give you a professional assignment that you present at the second interview. Is there a good match professionally as well, you are invited to meet the rest of our team over lunch or a social event. If the chemistry still feels right for both parties, we will look forward to welcoming you at Jayway by Devoteam!

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