Audit and Assurance Audit Senior

  • Borrowdale Rd, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Full-time

Company Description

Deloitte is a leading global provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax and related services. Our global network of member firms and related entities in more than 150 countries and territories (collectively, the “Deloitte organization”) serves four out of five Fortune Global 500® companies. Learn how Deloitte’s approximately 312,000 people make an impact that matters at

About the Division 

In Zimbabwe, Deloitte is one of the leading professional services organisations, specialising in providing Audit, Tax, Consulting, Risk Advisory and Corporate Finance services. We serve clients in a variety of industries from financial services, to consumer business, energy, mining and manufacturing, tourism and the public sector, and we provide powerful business solutions to some of the world's most well-known and respected companies..

Our professionals are unified by a collaborative culture that fosters integrity, outstanding value to markets and clients, commitment to each other, and strength from cultural diversity. They are dedicated to strengthening corporate responsibility, building public trust, and making a positive impact in their communities. We understand that our professionals hold interests outside of the work space and we aim to encourage work/life balance, supporting them in all aspects of their lives.

Our talented professionals and our clients understand the link between a strong learning and development programme and the ability for Deloitte to deliver on its promise of consistent, high-quality service delivery worldwide.

Whatever your age, gender or culture, take your career to the next level with the talents and capabilities you'll develop at Deloitte.

About the Division

Aspire with Assurance

Audit is about much more than just the numbers. It’s about attesting to accomplishments and challenges, and helping to assure strong foundations for future aspirations. Deloitte illuminates the what, how, and why of change so you’re always ready to act ahead.

The Deloitte Audit of the future is a vision of a transformed audit that:

•Enhances quality, leverages industry insight and value for our clients and our people

•Distinguishes Deloitte in the marketplace for growth and talent

•Provides a foundation for on-going innovation — in thinking and in action

•Is a business transformation initiative, not just an IT project

In a word, Deloitte Audit is innovation. It’s a whole new mind-set to how we work powered by insightful content, a methodology with a renewed focus on our client’s risks, and a new suite of technology that helps our practitioners get work done faster, more effectively and at higher quality.

Our professionals need to have the acumen to handle complex situations and multiple responsibilities simultaneously, balancing long term projects with the urgency of immediate operational demands. We are committed to establishing and empowering the firm by establishing an environment of continuous learning and enriching career opportunities.

Job Description

Professional Expertise

The knowledge and professional techniques necessary to accomplish assignments and provide value-added solutions.

These include:

Sound understanding of computer hardware and software used at DTT and an ability to communicate that knowledge to subordinates;

  • Clear, concise, logical written communication;
  • Numeracy; and
  • Sound technical knowledge.
  • Demonstrates an ability to produce meaningful and valuable reports.
  • Demonstrates the ability to manage a medium sized audit team.
  • Excel and the ability to resolve any queries and problems raised by subordinates.
  • Displays a good knowledge of the client’s business.


  • Completes large and complex sections at large clients without supervision.
  • Assists in the preparation of the financial statements of large clients where one has not acted as AIC.
  • Demonstrates an ability to complete the more complicated areas of the financial statements, namely the cash flow statements and disclosure with minimum supervision.
  • Prepares budgets for the following year.
  • Is able to successfully complete the audit of medium to audit assignments having:

Planned the audit properly by having :

  • Decided on the best audit approach in conjunction with the Partner and Manager.
  • Participated as required in timing, staffing and setting of the audit budget.
  • Performed the audit work competently.
  • Controlled and supervised subordinates on medium assignments.
  • Reviewed subordinates working papers.
  • Prepared financial statements with minimum supervision.
  • Demonstrates a general knowledge of the following areas:
  • Generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Accounting systems and controls.
  • General business and management issues.
  • Emerging accounting issues.
  • DTT audit approach manual and supporting guidelines.
  • Prepared management report with minimum supervision.
  • Participated in meeting with client at management level.

Assignment Management

The knowledge and skills necessary to plan, execute and control projects and delegated sections. These include :

  • Investigation and analysis;
  • Creative and innovative solutions;
  • Initiative;
  • Balanced view; and
  • Ethics.
  • Displays good organisational ability.
  • Demonstrates an ability to prioritise work load.

Completes large sections while managing others, with attention to agreed time frames, budget, people development and client relations throughout.

  • Manages medium sized projects with attention to agreed time frames, budget, people development and client relations.
  • Proposes creative and innovative solutions to problems clients may be having.
  • Continues to practice effective time and cost management and to monitor progress of subordinates.
  • Ensures maximum utilisation of own time and that of staff both as AIC and when in charge of sections.

Good organisational ability displayed as follows:

  • Timing, staffing and budgets prepared well in advance.
  • Pre and post audit meetings organised.
  • Controls own costs and those of subordinates through close supervision.
  • Monitors and reconciles costs incurred and explains any deviations.

Relationship Management

 The knowledge and skills necessary to understand and relate to the client’s business and deliver client service.

  • Develops relationships with client at middle and senior management level.
  • Develops relationship with all audit team members.
  • Ensures additional client needs are identified and met.
  • Contributes meaningful, quality advice to clients where required.
  • Responds quickly and effectively to client queries.
  • Demonstrates an ability to deal with conflict with tact and diplomacy.
  • Positive feedback from subordinates.
  • Receives positive feedback from clients.
  • Prepares constructive progress reviews for subordinates timeously.
  • Supervises subordinate without intervention by managers and partners.

Development of self and of others

  • The knowledge and skills necessary to actively seek and acquire information and create learning experience for others. These include:-
  • Provides all subordinates with on-the-job training to ensure that all staff are technically proficient.
  • Provides non-technical training in such areas where staff may be having difficulties, e.g., communication, training and time management.
  • Continues to display an interest and aptitude in self-development.
  • Takes an interest in the professional, academic and personal development of all subordinates on the assignment.
  • Controls and supervises subordinates to ensure:
  • Audit plan implemented;
  • Development of constructive services comments;
  • Preparation of work papers to the Firm’s minimum standards;
  • Subordinates’ work papers are reviewed.
  • Completes meaningful, timely and constructive performance reports for all staff.

Encourages subordinates to discuss freely:-

  • Ideals on improving audit efficiency; and
  • Ideal for adding measurable value.
  • Participates in any soft skills and other courses held by the Firm.
  • Receives positive feedback from subordinates with respect to training.
  • Identifies development areas and seeks help.
  • The knowledge and skills required to motivate and inspire others and direct and manage medium sized engagement teams as well as any subordinates assisting in sections delegated. These include:
  • Team participation;
  • Communication; and
  • Judgement.
  • Participates in and encourages subordinates to participate in any group activities that may be arranged.
  • Is available to subordinates for support and advice.
  • Encourages continual communication between team members.
  • Instils a sense of identity, loyalty and enthusiasm in all subordinates by organising team building activities such as pre and post audit meetings, weekly progress meetings and social events.


  • Bcom Accounting Honours Degree, 
  • Initial Test of Competence (ITC), full ACCA 
  • Training Hours completed and discharged 


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