Sales Manager

  • Full-time

Company Description

Delaphone is a technology services provider that combines telecommunications services and other technology solutions to provide a suite of products for small, medium and enterprise businesses that seek to deliver world-class end-to-end customer and user experience where they operate. Delaphone aims to reduce the overheads and complexities that businesses face in managing multiple vendor partners and reduce the costs associated with acquiring and deploying these solutions that often do not form part of their core business. With a value-added telecommunications network that is integrated with all mobile network operators in Ghana and a growing footprint on the African continent, we are able to quickly deploy telephony solutions covering Call/Contact Centres, SIP trunks, USSD, SMS and other VAS solutions. Our experience over the last 10 years allows us to deploy integrated solutions within many functional areas of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), either on-premise or as cloud-hosted solutions in our data centre. Delaphone has deployed solutions covering, but limited, to Customer Relationship Management (CRM), HR, payroll, ticketing, financial and management accounting, project and asset management and cloud-hosted solutions. We believe in our solutions so much that we also are willing to put our money where our mouth is by using them to provide outsourced services to our clients who prefer to focus on their core business and leave the incidentals to the experts. 

Job Description

The Role 

The Sales Manager will report to the General Manager. The main role of the ideal candidate will be to lead the sales department, monitor performance  and supervise the activities of professionals at the junior and senior level. The Sales Manager will develop a marketing and sales strategy and execution plan, ensure that KPIs and targets are regularly met or exceeded, manage sales representatives, analyse consumer patterns and market behaviour or trends, and design strategies that define data-driven action  to improve the organisation’s performance and increase revenue. 

Key Responsibilities Include:

  • Planning and undertaking business development activities towards achieving the company’s sales targets

  • Advertising products and personally assisting to close major deals

  • Working in collaboration with cross functional teams to win business for the company 

  • Creating inbound lead requirements which are essential in meeting sales objectives (ie. creating blogs, social media content, etc. to boost sales)

  • Monitoring the sales pipeline at every development stage to ensure full visibility

  • Establishing and promoting partnerships and relationships with principal customers 

  • Creating long term sales plans and proactively implement and update the plans to improve performance

  • Overseeing the execution of the organization’s sales training

  • Boosting customer confidence, and increasing revenue growth

Detailed work activities: 

  • Collaborate with other departments to develop, produce, fulfil and service products or services for customers 

  • Update sales representatives on sales strategies, metrices and targets

  • Create and evaluate new sales materials

  • Lead the sales team 

  • Study and report on industry changes and new trends

  • Test new customer acquisition channels

  • Analyse and support pipeline performance and growth

  • Attend conferences and trade shows

  • Develop other sales activities and incentives to drive performance



Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

  • Minimum of 5 years of Marketing and Sales experience 

  • BS/MS degree in Marketing, Sales or a related field

  • Successful past experience as a senior sales representative or sales manager, regularly meeting or exceeding targets

  • Experience in successful execution of business-to-business (B2B) sales

  • Proven ability to communicate and influence at all levels of the organization in a credible and effective manner

  • A deep understanding of target markets 

  • Proficiency in MS Office Suite 

  • Excellent team leadership skills 

  • Strong negotiation skills

  • Demonstrated ability to drive the sales process from planning to completion

  • Strong business acumen and industry expertise

  • Excellent mentoring, coaching and people management skills


Additional Information

Deadline: Friday 21st May 2021