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Company Description

The Why: NEPAL aspires to graduate from least developing country to a lower middle-income country by 2030. However, the development community’s excessive focus today on socio-political empowerment has not yielded the desired economic transformation.  In reaching the 2030 national target, shall we wait for institutions of power to become accountably productive or shall we bolster innovations of people to bring inclusive prosperity?  And, shall we strengthen grassroots-government collaboration in shaping an equal and enterprising future? 

The How: DAAYITWA ABHIYAAN strives for an enterprising Nepal where every individual has opportunities for a prosperous future.  Focused on promoting economic empowerment, we aim to nurture an enterprising mindset - which is about working hard, taking risks, and being creative - in development change-agents.  Driven by principles of economic justice, community engagement and financial sustainability, the Abhiyaan comprises four organizations.

  1. Daayitwa - an NGO that promotes domestic youth employment by accelerating rural youth entrepreneurs to create jobs and supporting the government to implement evidence-based enterprise development policies
  2. Nepal Leadership Academy - a non-profit company that develops an enterprising mindset in change-agents by growing their leadership and management capabilities.
  3. Governance Lab - a for-profit research firm that enables the government and the private sector to make decisions by conducting evidence-based research and connecting researchers and decision-makers
  4. Daayitwa-US - a US-based non-profit that engages and empowers Nepali diaspora in the US as change agents and strengthens local and global collaboration to promote socio-economic development in Nepal

In the last 9 years, we have accelerated 85 rural youth entrepreneurs (45 women) in 3 provinces (Province 3, 4 and 5) to embrace innovation, access investment, grow income and create employment. Leveraging the grassroots learning, we have supported 170 youth trained in 31 countries around the world to support 74 public agencies and 25 parliamentarians with entrepreneurship and employment policy research.  We have conducted more than 60 leadership courses for over 1000 participants to build their capacity to lead teams and architect innovative solutions.  We have conducted research on various topics such as MSE growth, dignity of labor and COVID19-related financial and health issues in order to support federal and provincial  governments to make evidence-based policy decisions.  We have organized Nepali diaspora and friends of Nepal to financially support more than 100 NGOs to grow their social impact. At Daayitwa Abhiyaan, we are determined to continue accelerating business, policy and civic entrepreneurs to promote employment, entrepreneurship and economic growth, while shaping a campaign that nurtures an enterprising mindset in the nation.

Towards these goals, Daayitwa executes two clusters - Entrepreneurship and Governance & Civic Engagement. The Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program (REAP), as part of the entrepreneurship cluster,  identifies growth-oriented rural women and youth entrepreneurs, capacitates them to exploit local innovations, connects enterprises with financial institutions and bolsters the municipal enterprise ecosystem. In the last 9 years, REAP has accelerated 85 rural youth entrepreneurs (45 women) in 3 provinces (Bagmati, Gandaki and Lumbini). Leveraging the grassroots enterprise learning, the Daayitwa Nepal Public Service Fellowship Program (DNPSF), as part of the governance cluster, identifies service-minded talented youth, capacitates them to conduct policy research, connects their policy recommendations with government actions and builds an evidence-based policy ecosystem.

Daayitwa Nepal Public Service Fellowship (DNPSF) Under the flagship of DNPSF, Daayitwa offers the Public Policy Fellowship program to conduct evidence based policy research, as well as the Public Administration Fellowship program to provide administrative and technical support to the government partners. DNPSF competitively selects and places young professionals and students in public agencies and with parliamentarians for 3-6 months, builds their technical and adaptive capacities and enables them to provide research or implementation support to their public partners. The program has supported 170 young policy professionals from 30 countries to conduct research projects for 74 public agencies as well as 25 parliamentarians at federal, provincial and municipal levels.

Job Description

The What: YOU, as the Fellowship Program Intern, with supervision from the Governance and Civic Engagement Coordinator, will assist in two key functions - providing logistical and programmatic support, and developing communications materials to strengthen outreach.

A. Logistical and programmatic support

  1. Provide logistical support to the Fellowship Team in terms of coordination with fellows, partner agencies, and other internal and external stakeholders.
  2. Provide logistical support to the Fellowship Team in terms of coordination for various events (launch, alumni engagement events, symposium).
  3. Support to coordinate learning and alumni networking sessions, including but not limited to webinars, panel discussions, and talk series.
  4. Assist in creating and managing documentation and databases related to the project.
  5. Work closely with the Research Intern to assist in the research needs of the Daayitwa Public Policy Fellows and their partner agencies
  6. Assist with fundraising and partnership development activities.

 B. Developing communications materials to strengthen outreach

  1. Assist to strengthen Fellowship program branding through creative interventions, including op-eds, videos, and social media posts, etc.
  2. Participate in content creation including write-ups, stories, press releases, social media posts, etc.
  3. Help to create and maintain electronic mailing lists targeting specific outreach groups.


Qualifications & Skills: YOU must be a fun, people-loving, growth-oriented, impact-minded, young dynamic team-player with the following qualifications:

  • Academically compelling, with at least Bachelors in International Relations, Political Science, Economics, Business or other relevant Social Sciences field
  • Relevant experience will be a plus
  • Passionately driven by a strong inner calling for economic empowerment of Nepal
  • Understanding of social issues related to economic prosperity, gender equality, youth employment and community-driven development
  • Outstanding ability to work effectively under pressure and during uncertainties
  • Independence in tackling complex problems consistently applying creativity, independent judgment and detail orientation
  • Self-motivated and able to work with minimal oversight with time management skills

Additional Information

Compensation: Daayitwa will provide a monthly stipend to the Fellowship Program Intern. The rate will be mutually agreed upon, commensurate with the level of deliverables, qualifications and experience of the candidate.

Apply Before: 20 July 2023

To Apply: Interested candidates must submit a CV and a cover letter.
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To learn more about Daayitwa and our work, do visit our Facebook page or our website. 

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