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Company Description

The Why: NEPAL aspires to graduate from least developing country to a lower middle-income country by 2030. However, the development community’s excessive focus today on socio-political empowerment has not yielded the desired economic transformation.  In reaching the 2030 national target, shall we wait for institutions of power to become accountably productive or shall we bolster innovations of people to bring inclusive prosperity?  And, shall we strengthen grassroots-government collaboration in shaping an equal and enterprising future?

The How: DAAYITWA, with a focus on economic empowerment, envisions an enterprising Nepal where every youth has opportunities for a prosperous future and aims to:

  1. Promote inclusive and enterprise-led economic growth
  2. Strengthen governance of inclusive enterprise ecosystem
  3. Bolster community engagement for enhanced livelihoods

Towards these goals, Daayitwa executes three programs to promote youth employment.  The Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program (REAP) supports rural high-growth entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses, create jobs and incubate other local entrepreneurs.  Leveraging the grassroots enterprise learning, the Public Service Fellowship Program (PSFP) supports policy entrepreneurs to collaborate with the government, conduct economic policy research and promote evidence-based policy decisions.  In linking the grassroots and government level engagements, the Civic Engagement Program (CEP) supports civic innovators to promote domestic youth employment through evidence-based policy advocacy.  In the last 8 years, REAP has supported 65 business entrepreneurs (30 women) in 3 provinces (Province 3, 4 and 5) to embrace innovation, access investment, grow income and create employment.  PSFP has supported 135 youth from 30 countries to support 40 government organizations and 24 parliamentarians by conducting economic policy research.  CEP has supported 50 civic entrepreneurs to organize 6 policy campaigns at federal, provincial and local levels on promoting domestic youth employment. 

Daayitwa is a part of the Daayitwa Abhiyaan, which also strives for an enterprising Nepal by focusing on promoting economic empowerment, thus nurturing an enterprising mindset - which is about working hard, taking risks, and being creative - in development change-agents.  Driven by principles of economic justice, community engagement and financial sustainability, the Abhiyaan comprises three other organizations.

  1. Nepal Leadership Academy - a non-profit company that develops an enterprising mindset in change-agents by growing their leadership and management capabilities.
  2. Governance Lab - a for-profit research firm that enables the government and the private sector to make decisions by conducting evidence-based research and connecting researchers and decision-makers
  3. Daayitwa-US - a US-based non-profit that engages and empowers Nepali diaspora in the US as change agents and strengthens local and global collaboration to promote socio-economic development in Nepal

The What: YOU, as the Executive Director, will provide results-oriented, strategy-driven leadership and management of Daayitwa’s strategy, programs, and operations.  You will strive to make Daayitwa a great place to work, where we build strong teams, where people are challenged to do their best, and where everyone makes a difference.  Exceptional people deserve the best work environment that we can provide.  You will work with other Abhiyaan teams to support our people to learn, grow and contribute to our shared vision of an equal and enterprising Nepal.  As an ambassador of Daayitwa Abhiyaan’s vision, values and principles, you will accelerate its impact by accelerating results, exploring innovative avenues and building new partnerships at Daayitwa, while supporting the synergistic growth of the other Daayitwa Abhiyaan organizations.

Job Description

Principal Responsibilities: Reporting to the Daayitwa Board, YOU will function interdependently with guidance from the Board.  Your role will include but are not limited to the tasks listed in the three spheres of organizational growth.

I) Ensure Strategic Growth

  1. Envision, manage and promote the strategic direction of Daayitwa in keeping with the policies and guidelines set forth by the Board
  2. Create action plan for projects in collaboration with team members to achieve strategic goals of the organization
  3. Strengthen partnerships with local, national and global stakeholders (e.g. government, companies, banks, universities, CSOs and international partners)
  4. Coordinate fund-raising efforts, including writing proposals, organizing events and institutionalizing learning
  5. Communicate organizational impact to the Board, partners, and the target groups

II) Bolster Management Infrastructure

  1. Strengthen the organization’s operational infrastructure, including financial, human resource and administrative policies and procedures
  2. Ensure organizational knowledge, networks and intellectual property are preserved and safeguarded
  3. Refine the project management system for enhancing quality of project deliverables and achieving organization’s strategic targets
  4. Define resource needs, develop annual budget plan, and manage funds efficiently
  5. Ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements of the government

III) Strengthen Team Environment

  1. Foster a productive environment for team members to learn, grow, enjoy and create meaningful impact in the society
  2. Ensure all staff concerns are addressed properly, efficiently and judiciously
  3. Design and spearhead professional growth activities for team members
  4. Plan and organize activities to increase collaboration within the organization
  5. Liaise with other Daayitwa Abhiyaan entities, including Nepal Leadership Academy, Governance Lab, and Nepal Rising


Qualifications & Skills: YOU must be a people-loving, growth-oriented, impact-minded, young dynamic team-builder with following qualifications:

  • Masters degree in business administration, public administration, social development, economics or other related field
  • Minimum of 10 years of relevant professional experience with at least 3 years of experience in senior management position, or an equivalent combination of education and experience
  • Impeccable managerial and interpersonal skills, with proven record of effectively interacting with senior management
  • Recognized expertise in rural development, community engagement, government collaboration and private sector development
  • Understanding of social issues related to youth employment, youth entrepreneurship, and community-driven development
  • Independence in working on complex problems in the field of specialization consistently applying creativity and independent judgment
  • Experience working in an institution focusing on international development and/or dealing with government officials. 
  • Excellent client orientation, diplomatic skills, and drive for results are essential
  • Demonstrated ability to lead teams under pressure in a diverse, uncertain environment. Experience of having led start-up teams will be a plus point.
  • Strong motivation and organizational/time management skills.
  • Proven ability to handle multiple tasks at a time within deadlines.
  • Growth mindset - exceptional willingness to take risks and work hard.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills in Nepali and English

Additional Information

Compensation: Daayitwa will provide compensation on a monthly rate basis.  The rate will be mutually agreed upon, commensurate with the level of deliverables, qualifications and experience of the candidate.

Procedure: Interested candidates must submit a CV and a cover letter by November 15th, 2021. To learn more about Daayitwa and our work, do visit our Facebook page or our website.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daayitwa/ 

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGYX-0_rlCuvASwYuqzpCOw

Website: www.daayitwa.org