People Operations Coordinator

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  • Full-time

Company Description

The Why: NEPAL aspires to graduate from least developing country to a lower middle-income country by 2030. However, the development community’s excessive focus today on socio-political empowerment has not yielded the desired economic transformation.  In reaching the 2030 national target, shall we wait for institutions of power to become accountably productive or shall we bolster innovations of people to bring inclusive prosperity?  And, shall we strengthen grassroots-government collaboration in shaping an equal and enterprising future?


The How: DAAYITWA ABHIYAAN strives for an enterprising Nepal where every individual has opportunities for a prosperous future.  Focused on promoting economic empowerment, we aim to nurture an enterprising mindset - which is about working hard, taking risks, and being creative - in development change-agents.  Driven by principles of economic justice, community engagement and financial sustainability, the Abhiyaan comprises four organizations.

  1. Daayitwa - an NGO that promotes domestic youth employment by accelerating rural youth entrepreneurs to create jobs and supporting the government to implement evidence-based enterprise development policies.

  2. Nepal Leadership Academy - a non-profit company that develops an enterprising mindset in change-agents by growing their leadership and management capabilities.

  3. Governance Lab - a for-profit research firm that enables the government and the private sector to make decisions by conducting evidence-based research and connecting researchers and decision-makers

  4. Daayitwa-US - a US-based non-profit that engages and empowers Nepali diaspora in the US as change agents and strengthens local and global collaboration to promote socio-economic development in Nepal


In the last 7 years, we have accelerated 55 rural youth entrepreneurs (27 women) in 3 provinces (Province 3, 4 and 5) to embrace innovation, access investment, grow income and create employment.  Leveraging the grassroots learning, we have supported 120 youth trained in 30 countries around the world to support 40 government organizations and 24 parliamentarians with entrepreneurship and employment policy research.  We have conducted more than 60 leadership courses for over 700 participants to build their capacity to lead teams and architect innovative solutions.  We have conducted research on various topics such as MSE growth, dignity of labor and COVID19-related financial and health issues in order to support federal and provincial  governments to make evidence-based policy decisions.  We have organized Nepali diaspora and friends of Nepal to financially support more than 100 NGOs to grow their social impact. At Daayitwa Abhiyaan, we are determined to continue accelerating business, policy and civic entrepreneurs to promote employment, entrepreneurship and economic growth, while shaping a campaign that nurtures an enterprising mindset in the nation.


The What: YOU, as the People Operations Coordinator (POC), will provide results-oriented, strategy-driven leadership and management of people and practices at the Daayitwa Abhiyaan.  You will strive to make Daayitwa Abhiyaan a great place to work, where we build a strong team, where people are challenged to do their best, and where everyone can make a difference.  Exceptional people deserve the best work environment that we can provide.  People Operations Team will partner with other Abhiyaan teams to support our people to learn, grow and contribute to our shared vision of an equal and enterprising Nepal.  


As an ambassador of Daayitwa Abhiyaan’s vision, values and principles, you will accelerate its impact by rapidly developing and growing people's effectiveness and operation’s efficiency.  With supervision from the Abhiyaan Senior Management Team (SMT), you will spearhead three key spheres - formulating strategy, increasing productivity, and supervising administration.


Job Description

    1.Formulating strategy and plan

  • Gather, analyze and provide useful HR and administration data to guide decision making, and enable the Abhiyaan to scale effectively and efficiently

  • Provide leadership on people-related policies and programs across the Abhiyaan

  • Ensure HR compliance with federal, provincial, and local legal requirements by studying existing and new legislation, anticipating legislation, enforcing adherence to requirements and advising Abhiyaan SMT on needed actions

  • Collaborate with Abhiyaan SMT and Project Leads to review and refine internal processes as well as train and hold all People Operations Team members accountable to these processes

  • Ensure proper planning and implementation of the Organization Policy

  • Develop and implement changes in management plans, if and when needed

  • Guide People Operations Team during review, planning and implementation

    2.Improving productivity 

  • Operate Abhiyaan’s recruitment system to attract the best talent, including preparing vacancy announcements, conducting interviews, following up with interviewees and organizing all applicant information 

  • Manage recruitment contracts and organize orientation and onboarding for new employees 

  • Provide regular counseling and support to all staff on HR policies and procedures

  • Understand capacity gaps and organize growth activities, including mentorship, trainings, networking and retreats 

  • Manage processes to gather grievances and resolve employee relations issues

  • Enhance social interaction among toli-members, partners, visitors, and target groups in office and beyond

  • Organize the mid-year and end-of-year performance reviews

  • Manage platforms for employee feedback, document learning and communicate possible actions, including incentive structures, to the SMT and Project Leads 

  • Proactively promote and lead activities to contribute to adoption of Abhiyaan values in office culture and project activities

  • Support in performance management by monitoring KPIs, regulating quality controls and staying in constant communication with all levels of Abhiyaan

  • Manage employee transition process, including knowledge handover, exit reviews and career support for outgoing staff.

  • Stay abreast of the job market by participating in educational opportunities, reading professional publications, and maintaining professional networks

     3.Supervising administration

  • Coordinate People Operations Team on strategizing, planning and implementing policies and programs of the Abhiyaan

  • Coordinate Abhiyaan’s daily office tasks to ensure smooth operations

  • Review and prepare monthly payroll adjustments, including timesheet approvals

  • Review, revise and manage operational processes to ensure time and cost efficiency

  • Ensure that personnel folder, including academic certificates, citizenship copies, CVs, job descriptions and other documents, are updated and comply with Abhiyaan as well as government requirements 

  • Produce and provide monthly reports regarding lunch expenses and attendance to the finance team for salary disbursement

  • Maintain a record of potential employees including brief backgrounds and potential program alignment development

  • Maintain the quality and accuracy of the staff data in the HR information system, performing regular updates and system quality control checks

  • Oversee office functioning and supervise regular support staff

  • Coordinate with non-regular support, such as IT and maintenance

  • Provide operational support in organizing internal meetings and public events 

  • Ensure files in shared online and onsite drives are organized and updated.



 YOU must be a fun, people-loving, growth-oriented, impact-minded, young dynamic team-builder with following qualifications:

  • Academically compelling, with at least a Bachelors in Business Administration, Human Resources, Management, Psychology or related topics.  Masters degree holder preferred.

  • Professionally striking with minimum of 3-4 years of relevant professional experiences in HR, operations and management

  • Dynamic people management skills, including forte in training, guiding, coaching, and mentoring teams

  • Demonstrated ability to listen, analyze and inform appropriately while maintaining the required sensibilities in handling confidential information

  • Capable of managing conflict and conflicting views in small teams

  • Passionately driven by a strong inner calling for economic empowerment of Nepal

  • Outstanding ability to work effectively under pressure and during uncertainties

  • Notable knowledge and experience in employment law, compensation, organizational development, employee relations, and training.

  • Dynamic interpersonal skills for excelling in a young, diverse, team-oriented environment

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in Nepali and English


Additional Information


Daayitwa will provide compensation on a monthly rate basis.  The rate will be mutually agreed upon, commensurate with the level of the required deliverables, the qualifications and experience of the candidate. 



Interested candidates must submit a CV and a cover letter by

Apply before :October 15, 2020.

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