Multimedia Officer

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  • Full-time

Company Description

Nepal strives to graduate from LDC to middle-income country status by 2030.  The excessive focus of Nepal’s development paradigm on socio-political empowerment, however, has not yielded the desired economic transformation.  In fact, the dismal domestic youth employment has heightened foreign migration, lowered domestic productivity, and increased economic dependence on foreign nations.  Daayitwa, with a focus on economic empowerment, envisions an enterprising Nepal where every youth has opportunities for a prosperous future and aims to:

  1. Promote inclusive and enterprise-led economic growth
  2. Strengthen governance of inclusive enterprise ecosystems

  3. Bolster community engagement for enhanced livelihoods

Towards these goals, Daayitwa executes three programs.  The Rural Enterprise Acceleration Program (REAP) supports rural high-growth entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses, create jobs and incubate other local entrepreneurs.  Leveraging the grassroots enterprise learning, the Public Service Fellowship Program (PSFP) supports policy entrepreneurs to collaborate with the government, conduct economic policy research and promote evidence-based policy decisions.  In linking the grassroots and government level engagements, the Civic Engagement Program (CEP) supports civic innovators to promote domestic youth employment through evidence-based policy advocacy.  REAP has supported 45 business entrepreneurs in 4 districts of Province 3 and Province 5 to accelerate their enterprises.  PSFP has supported 99 policy entrepreneurs from 28 countries to collaborate with 28 ministries and public agencies as well as 24 parliamentarians and conduct 99 research projects.  CEP has supported 50 civic entrepreneurs to organize 6 policy campaigns at federal, provincial and local levels on promoting domestic youth employment.

Daayitwa, registered as an NGO in Nepal, is part of the Daayitwa Abhiyaan.  The Abhiyaan also comprises of three other institutions:

  • Nepal Leadership Academy, a Nepal-based profit not-distributing company, that conducts leadership research, develops curriculum and offers leadership training.

  • Governance Lab, a Nepal-based for-profit research firm, that conducts economic policy research and influence government to make evidence-based policy decisions

  • Daayitwa-US, a US-based 501c3 non-profit that connects and builds leadership capacity of US diaspora for strengthened diasporic communities to contribute to Nepal’s growth. 

Job Description

The Multimedia Officer is responsible for using various multimedia tools and providing design materials for projects at Daayitwa and its clusters including Nepal Leadership Academy and Governance Lab. He/she will work directly in the designing and development of content for promotional activities, in its planning and execution. He/she will play a critical role in the outreach efforts of the organization, and carry out daily engagement in building good will of the organization at large.



1.    Work on the overall design and ideas of newsletters, booklets, info-graphics, press releases and marketing materials for ongoing projects

2.    Work on content creation including shooting videos and pictures

3.    Collaborate with other members of the communications team to build on and effectively manage project content and ideas

4.    Develop, implement and manage communication strategies to increase visibility, publicity and outreach of the organization

5.    Coordinate dissemination of content and official correspondence to the public through relevant media tools

6.    Devise social media campaigns for different projects at Daayitwa and help in implementing them

7.    Regularly update content and information on the Daayitwa website




1.    Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with 1-2 years of experience

2.    Knowledgeable of design practices such as brand development, user-centered experience design and digital design

3.    Experience in using various multimedia tools such as text, graphics, animation, audio, video, etc.

4.    Highly proficient computer skills, especially with Adobe Creative Suite applications

5.    Excellent computer literacy, including proficiency in MS Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel

6.    Knowledge of social media platforms, ongoing trends and SEO marketing

7.    Photography and videography skills is a must

8.    Strong motivation, self-starter, and organizational/time management skills

9.    Proven ability to handle multiple tasks at a time within deadlines

10.  Willingness to learn and work hard- growth mindset is key.

11.  Excellent oral and written communications skills

12.  Ability to work effectively under pressure in a diverse, team-oriented environment

13.  Any other duties as assigned by the management

Additional Information

Apply Before:  23rd Jan 2020

Extended Deadline: 5th March 2020

Daayitwa will provide compensation to the Multimedia Officer on a monthly basis.  The rate will be mutually agreed upon, in tune with the level of the required deliverables, the qualifications and experience of the candidate. 

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