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Company Description

Daayitwa is a campaign for economic empowerment with the vision of an enterprising Nepal where every youth has opportunities for a prosperous future.  It operates three clusters at grassroots, government and global levels.  It supports rural growth-oriented entrepreneurs to accelerate their innovations and grow other entrepreneurs in their local communities.  Leveraging the grassroots learning, it collaborates with the government to conduct policy research and advocate for economic policy reform.  Finally, it transforms these interventions into a global campaign that nurtures enterprising mindset in Nepalis by bolstering leadership capacity in enterprise ecosystem stakeholders.

As Nepal strives to graduate from LDC to developing country status in 2022, youth, who are a demographic majority, can be a critical engine for accelerating change.  However, Nepalese youth face high unemployment rate of 46% and the 400,000 youth that consequently seek foreign labor permits every year risk not finding equitable and gainful employment abroad. In fact, limited domestic job opportunities have driven some youth to take up entrepreneurship as a survival strategy. In addressing these aforementioned youth employment challenges, it is critical to treat youth not just as beneficiaries but also advocates, agents and actors of the development process. The ‘’Youth Engagement for Youth Employment’’ project operates based on the following theory of change: if innovation and leadership capability of youth is enhanced, they will productively tackle policy and practice barriers to youth employment through reform campaigns, thus becoming better advocates, agents and actors for development processes in Nepal.

Aligned with this theory of change, the major project objectives are to:

  • Develop understanding of supply and demand side barriers to youth employment

  • Build capability of youth to lead innovative responses to identified barriers

  • Support direct participation of youth in the development process

  • Harvest knowledge and engage stakeholders   

Job Description

We always are looking out for new team members whose values meets ours. Do write what your values are, and which cluster you would like to invest your time here at Daayitwa and we will get back to you as soon as an opportunity arises. 


At Daayitwa, we have opportunities for any willing candidate who is willing to work with us. As long as our values meet, we have space for you, irregardless of the qualifications.  

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