A brilliant Full Stack Product Engineer role

  • 1/3 Prospect Hill Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124, Australia
  • Full-time

Company Description

We're continuing to hire for our friends at Papercut. We feel so part of the team, we even talk as if we're one of them 🤷🏻‍♂️

For over 20 years PaperCut has made industry-leading print management software that reduces paper and saves trees.

We build thoughtful printing software.

Empowering businesses and saving trees one piece of paper at a time and everything started with an overflowing recycle bin...

Remember the piles of paper lying on top of the office printer? Now picture all the office printers around the globe. Scary huh?

That’s what we’re working on solving. Along with security, cloud printing, waste control, 3D printing, easy scanning, and more

Our purpose is crafting better environments

Not just in printing, but wherever we see awesome potential – and that includes where and how we work

We sometimes joke about being the "most exciting company in the most boring part of IT," but it's actually what we strive for every day.

Job Description

At PaperCut, engineers are called "Product Engineers" because we influence so much more than software; we advocate for our customers and contribute ideas that evolve our product roadmap. We join and lead agile, multifunctional teams that are formed at the conception of ideas and create solutions end-to-end.

  • Join teams with other developers, designers, marketers, and product people formed around enhancement or new product ideas ✅
  • Write well-written, readable, and tested code. We're looking for quality over quantity and simple over clever 💥
  • Contribute to architectural discussions and participate in code reviews 💻
  • Collaborate with our product leaders (including CEO) to help you understand our strategy and make great engineering decisions 



  • Workable knowledge in at least Go or Java. C or C++ advantageous (extra points for mobile dev, cloud, NoSql databases, IoT, big data and data analytics, or single page application).
  • You're someone who is willing to take on tasks outside of traditional development if required e.g. DevOps, QA, BA, support, market validation.
  • Comfortable with agile and XP practices (pair programming etc.).
  • Familiarity with distributed systems will be a bonus when working on some of our products but not required.
  • You can adapt to an ever-changing software and business environment and don't mind making quick decisions with the support of your peers.
  • Active involvement in meetups or some form of software community contribution is not mandatory but will be viewed favorably and is encouraged within PaperCut.
  • An IT degree (BSc in Computer Science or Software Engineering) is preferred.

Additional Information

Becoming a PaperCutter

We're confident our recruitment process is a cut above the rest in giving you a great experience. Here's what to expect if you're a match.

  1. First contact and phone call. You'll get an email from someone in our team to tee up a phone chat. The agenda? What you're after, what we're after, and whether it all fits together.
  2. Hiring Team Call. You'll then have an experience-based catch-up with a member of the People Experience team, and one or two engineering leaders. We'll get to learn more about your experience and motivations, and you'll get to learn more about the day-to-day life of a PaperCut Product Engineer. Don't forget your burning questions!
  3. Technical Interview. Your final round will involve two technical exercises, and you'll also get the chance to meet a few more PaperCutters. First, you'll work with two Product Engineers to discuss and extend a codebase (that you've been sent ahead of time). Next, you'll lead a collaborative whiteboarding session with a Product Manager and another Engineer to understand a problem and come up with solution options.
  4. Background Checks and Offer. We'll carry out background checks standard in your country, as well as two professional reference checks (if provided). Pending the outcome of these, we'll send you an e-offer to sign before sorting your laptop, PaperCut swag, and other onboarding bits.

Our hiring process lets you show off the very best version of yourself while learning all about us at the same time. Our pinky promise is a candidate experience that’s enjoyable, thorough, and fair. That’s our way of inspiring the world's brightest minds to become PaperCutters.

As an equal opportunity employer that values diversity and inclusion, we proudly encourage people from all walks of life to apply (even tea drinkers) 


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