[Urgent Hiring] WFH Chat-based Tutors Business Subjects

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  • Employees can work remotely
  • Part-time

Company Description

Freelance tutoring for college students, graduates, and professionals! 

Course Hero is an online platform that connects tutors, educators, and students globally. We help our students on our platform with their homework and other academic needs. Our tutors are compensated by helping our students in answering their questions in a text-based form. 

Job Description

Responsibilities of the role 

As a tutor on Course Hero, you are answering homework questions as a freelance tutor, which means you can work when you want, where you want. You earn by providing accurate, original solutions. 

At the same time, you can earn up to $16 per question. Choose subjects that you’re most comfortable and knowledgeable about and start helping students in your own way. 



  • At least a college student who has taken most of the major subjects 
  • College graduates and licensed professionals are a plus! 
  • No work or teaching background/experience is needed. 


  • Work from home (we do not encourage our tutors to use mobile on the platform) 
  • You can earn up to $16 per question.
  • No voice or video calls, purely text-based tutoring
  • Flexible time -- earn supplemental income while pursuing your degree/career.
  • Earn up to $1500+*/month! 

Expert In: 

Financial Accounting, Business - Other,  Accounting, Finance, Economics, Human Resource Management, Business Law, Managerial Accounting, Marketing, Operations Management

Additional Information

How to Apply: https://bit.ly/ejlsmartrecruitkit

Prepare 3 requirements needed: 1 educational background document: e.g. diploma/transcript of grades/screenshots of college grades (compile them into a PDF file if more than 1 page), valid ID, and selfie with the same valid ID 

Click to Apply Here: https://bit.ly/ejlsmartrecruiters | Use the Referral Code: EJL 

If your expertise isn't listed above, but still wish to apply in the future. Deposit your resume here: https://bit.ly/ejlcallbackform  

***Please note, subjects selected are not guaranteed to be approved and terms may change along the way.***