Non-voice Tutors (Remote, Flexible, Earn $1500+)

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  • Employees can work remotely
  • Part-time

Company Description

Course Hero is an online platform that connects tutors, educators, and students globally. We help our students on our platform with their homework and other academic needs. Our tutors are compensated by helping our students in answering their questions via chat/text. This is a great opportunity for College Students, Master's Degree, Doctorate Degree Holders, and License Professionals who are looking for a stable income that they can do at their most convenient time. And we are always in need of experts!

Course Hero has been recognized as one of the 2021 Top 100 Best Places to Work in the Bay AreaTop 50 Best Paying Companies in the Bay AreaTop 100 Most Transparent Companies, and in the Top 50 Most Transformational Companies in Education Technology. More than 50,000 faculty across the United States, Canada, and Australia have joined the Course Hero educator community to share their resources, collaborate with faculty in other fields, and hone new strategies for instruction.

Job Description

Freelance work for college students, graduates, and professionals!

Responsibilities of the role

By signing up as a Course Hero tutor, you agree to work as an independent freelancer. You get paid only for answering students' questions and have the flexibility and freedom to do this work whenever and wherever you like!

The tutoring program of Course Hero is quite unique and one of a kind. It’s not the typical face-to-face video tutoring you all know. Our tutors teach by simply giving text-based answers (more like an email). It provides a lot of impact especially for students having a hard time with their academics. At the same time, you can earn as much as 3 to 15+ US dollars per question. In applying to become a Course Hero tutor, you’ll get to pick subjects that you’re most comfortable and knowledgeable about and start helping students in your own way.


  • Work from home & can use a cellphone

  • No voice or video calls, purely text-based tutoring

  • Flexible time -- earn supplemental income while pursuing your degree/career.

  • Earn $1500+*/month!

How to Apply:

  1. Prepare 3 requirements needed: 1 educational background document: e.g. diploma/transcript of grades/screenshots of college grades (compile them into a PDF file if more than 1 page), school/valid ID, and selfie with the same valid ID

  2. Click apply now! Apply Here:

  3. Submit requirements!

Referral Code: NOC (important for your application to be prioritized)

Priority Subjects: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Python Programming, Civil Engineering, Java Programming, Operations Management, English, US History, Statistics and Probability, Calculus, Math - Other, Algebra, Business Law, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Nursing, Chemistry, Physics, Health Science, Biology, Organic chemistry, Economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Financial Accounting, Business - Other, Accounting, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Managerial Accounting, Project Management, Management



  • At least a college student

  • No work or teaching background/experience needed

  • Can start work immediately without any training required

Apply Here: | More details: | Referral code: NOC

Additional Information

If you are interested, go to for the full instructions.

Application link:

Referral code: NOC (will prioritize your application and increase your chance of getting approved)

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