Videographer(Job ID:K620-WR-1902)

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  • Full-time

Company Description

Computer Consultants International, Inc. (CCI) is an IT Consulting Firm with more than 18 years experience providing effective, expert-level services in industries such as Construction, Technology, Finance, Healthcare, and Government. CCI focuses on building long-term relationships while completing projects from design to delivery. People are CCI's key component for success. Recruiting utmost-quality individuals for our clients, CCI fields a workforce of individuals who are selected not only because of their technical qualifications but also for their achievements as substantial, contributing human beings. In government work and in the commercial market, high standards of ethics and accountability are critical. Therefore our people are chosen for their integrity and ability to maintain relationships, as well as expertise in their field. To learn more about CCI, visit us online at

Job Description

CCI has a Client who is seeking a Candidates to create an engaging, informative and creative video or videos that engages the public about the potential of FIT. The successful Candidate will work with SAO to learn about the functionality of FIT, develop a plan of how to communicate to the media and public about FIT through video medium, and deliver a video that meets that objective. The video will be debuted at SAO’s All Agency Conference on March 11, 2019. 

Task 1: 

Create a comprehensive plan for a promotional video/videos for the redesigned Financial Intelligence Tool based on research into the Tool’s functionality, as well as marketing best practices for communicating financial data visualization tools to the public, all while keeping SAO/the Center for Government Innovation/FIT’s existing brand identity in mind. 

Task 2: 

Script, shoot and edit the video(s), submitting the video(s) to SAO for editorial input and brand control at key points for review and approval. 

Task 3: 

Deliver the video in electronic as well as hard copy (through a removable hard drive) format to SAO by the deadline of March 11. 

Client has struck a blow for the democratization of governmental financial data to Washingtonians through the redesigned Financial Intelligence Tool. Our Office collects the annual financial reports of all local governments in the state of Washington; we have now made this data accessible and simple to understand. 

But FIT is more than a bunch of data—we designed this to be an educational experience, a place to inspire civic engagement and elevate the discourse on government operations. A previously difficult to understand and inaccessible world is now available to anyone who wants to explore it. Governments have a responsibility to the public they serve to provide their information in an accessible manner; FIT is a groundbreaking and interesting way to fulfill that responsibility. To help state residents, government leaders and financial staff capitalize on this opportunity, SAO seeks to produce an engaging and informative video about FIT that is designed to get the public’s attention. The digital video medium allows SAO, with professional expertise provided through this contract, to reach potential FIT users across the state and set a tone of excitement and commitment to transparency for this project. This video will serve as the last in a series of innovative, funny and engaging videos SAO produced to introduce its new services to its clients as well as to the public 


  • Candidate must have a proven track record of creating highly successful videos designed to explain complex governmental, financial and/or data visualization tools to the media and public. 
  • Candidate should be Creative and think outside the box when it comes to ways to engage our target audience and “break through” their defenses to get them to pay attention to the possibilities and potentials of the new FIT tool. 

Additional Information

For immediate consideration, please send your resume to hire(at) with "Videographer(Job ID:K620-WR-1902)WA"  as the subject line.