Spatial Map Based Web Portal Developer-Remote Option(Job ID:DNR RFP 19-33)

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Company Description

Computer Consultants International, Inc. (CCI) is an IT Consulting Firm with more than 18 years experience providing effective, expert-level services in industries such as Construction, Technology, Finance, Healthcare, and Government. CCI focuses on building long-term relationships while completing projects from design to delivery. People are CCI's key component for success. Recruiting utmost-quality individuals for our clients, CCI fields a workforce of individuals who are selected not only because of their technical qualifications but also for their achievements as substantial, contributing human beings. In government work and in the commercial market, high standards of ethics and accountability are critical. Therefore our people are chosen for their integrity and ability to maintain relationships, as well as expertise in their field. To learn more about CCI, visit us online at

Job Description

CCI has a Client who recently completed a Wildfire Program Technology Discovery Project which identified the current state of wildfire program applications and developed a roadmap to improvement. Replacing systems identified will provide significant capability improvements to Client’s Wildfire business processes, and technical usability to staff, customers, stakeholders and the public. Client is seeking a Candidate to work on the project for the design, development, and implementation phase for a new Forest Fire Protection Assessment (FFPA) application.  


 The Forest Fire Protection Assessment Application will be a fully functional application that will meet all of the mandatory requirements listed on the technical and functional requirements It should also meet as many desirable requirements as possible.  

The objectives of the new system include:  

  • Accurately track jurisdiction and payments  

  • Track and store individual parcel review decisions  

  • Provide support and integration with County Assessors  

  • Provide a system that allows sufficient reporting  

  • Provide a spatial focus and produce a jurisdiction map  

  • Integrate with existing state and county systems to help reduce redundancy and increase effectiveness and efficiency.  

  • Migrate existing data, some from an existing Microsoft Access database, into the new system  

  • Per the attached wireframes document, the selected vendor will complete a full design process to finalize features and will work to determine layout, styles, navigation, and user permissions. A full database design will also be completed.  

  • emphasize expandable and configurable components with the ability to integrate with multiple applications and systems.  

  • All types of solutions shall be considered, including but not limited to COTS (Commercial off the Shelf), SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), custom, or a combination. For any products proposed, vendor must list the software used along with the version number. 


  • Designing, developing, configuring and/or implementing a spatial map based web portal or application for viewing and managing data such as displaying jurisdictions and Reports.  
  • Designing, developing, configuring and/or implementing a simple and easy to use application with integration across the different entities such as counties and various local and state agencies.  
  • Designing, developing, configuring and/or implementing a simple and easy to use application to streamline and track billing and invoicing for customers or landowners.  
  • Designing, developing, configuring, and/or implementing a COTS, MOTS, or SAAS solution.  
  • Indicate other relevant experience that indicates the qualifications of the Consultant, and any subcontractors, for the performance of the potential contract and directly relates to the objectives and requirements.  
  • Include a list of contracts the Consultant has had during the last five years that relate to the Consultant’s ability to perform the services needed. List contract reference numbers, contract period of performance, contact persons, telephone numbers, and fax numbers/e-mail addresses.  
  • The contractor must have at least 5 years’ experience in developing or implementing software solutions and system integration services for large-scale enterprise or state/federal agencies.  

Additional Information

For immediate consideration, please send your resume to hire(at) with "Spatial Map Based Web Portal Developer-Remote Option(Job ID:DNR RFP 19-33)WA"  as the subject line.