Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Specialist

  • Full-time

Company Description

Co-creation Hub is Africa’s leading technology innovation ecosystem builder on a mission to accelerate the application of science, technology and social capital for economic prosperity across Africa.

Our mandate is to build a formidable innovation ecosystem with a deeply rooted network, cultivating strategic partnerships and practical industry know-how that can support entrepreneurs and innovators in building thoughtful, relevant and scalable solutions. From our locations in Lagos, Abuja, Ijebu Ode (in Nigeria), Nairobi (Kenya), Kigali (Rwanda), and Windhoek (Namibia) we have built a vibrant community of over 81,000 people and counting and have supported to a portfolio of over 120 early-stage ventures including Lifebank, Ushahidi, Riby, BudgIT, Stutern, Kopo Kopo, Sendy, mFarm, Wecyclers and many more.

Job Description

We are seeking a dedicated and passionate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
Manager to lead our organization's efforts in creating an inclusive and equitable
workplace culture. The ideal candidate will have a deep understanding of DEI principles,
excellent communication skills, and a proven track record of implementing effective DEI
strategies. By joining our team, you will play a pivotal role in fostering an environment
where all individuals can thrive and contribute to our collective success.

Key Responsibilities:
● DEI Strategy: Develop, implement, and lead a comprehensive DEI strategy that
aligns with our organization's values and goals. Collaborate with leadership to
integrate DEI principles into all aspects of our operations.
● Education and Training: Design and deliver DEI training programs to enhance
awareness and understanding among employees at all levels. Foster a culture of
continuous learning and growth.
● Policy and Program Development: Create and update policies, programs, and
initiatives that promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. Ensure that policies are
aligned with best practices and legal requirements.
● Stakeholder Engagement: Build relationships with internal and external
stakeholders to promote DEI initiatives. Collaborate with community
organizations, industry groups, and partners to enhance our DEI efforts.
● Metrics and Measurement: Establish key metrics and benchmarks to assess the
effectiveness of DEI initiatives. Regularly collect and analyze data to track
progress and identify areas for improvement.
● Recruitment and Retention: Partner with the HR team to implement inclusive
recruitment and retention strategies. Ensure that our organization attracts and
retains a diverse talent pool.
● Employee Resource Groups: Support the establishment and growth of employee
resource groups (ERGs) that provide a platform for diverse voices and
● Communication: Develop and execute communication strategies that keep
employees informed about DEI initiatives, progress, and upcoming events.
● Conflict Resolution: Provide guidance and support in addressing conflicts
related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Foster a respectful and inclusive
environment where differences are valued.

● External Partnerships: Collaborate with external organizations and networks to
stay current on industry trends, best practices, and emerging research in the DEI


● Bachelor or Masters degree in a relevant field (e.g., human resources,
sociology, organizational development, etc.).
● Proven experience as a DEI practitioner, with a track record of successfully
developing and implementing DEI strategies.
● Deep knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion principles, best practices, and
legal requirements.
● Excellent communication skills, with the ability to convey complex concepts in a
clear and accessible manner.
● Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build relationships with a diverse
range of stakeholders.
● Experience in designing and delivering DEI training programs.
● Analytical mindset with the ability to gather, analyze, and interpret data to inform
DEI strategies.
● Ability to navigate sensitive and confidential matters with discretion and
● Collaborative and team-oriented approach to work.