CNO Analyst/Programmer

  • Fort Meade, MD
  • Full-time

Company Description

Clear Ridge Defense was established in April 2015 as a leading provider of various technical and professional services in support of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Department of Defense. Our background historically has been in supporting the specialized requirements at the Service Cyber Components and their lower echelon commands. 

We’re a team that creates an infrastructure for your success. We take it as an extraordinary honor that you might choose to work on our team in your mission to support the warfighter. We’re a “Mission First” company – meaning we are motivated by the information dominance warfighter. At the end of the day, Clear Ridge success is the United States Armed Forces’ success. Our team is composed of many prior military and civil service members, so we understand the real problems warfighters face – and we solve those challenges and build solutions that are effective while still maintaining cost efficiency.

Job Description

Clear Ridge is looking for a very specialized skill set: Computer Network Operations (CNO) Analysts and Programmers. The right candidate will be focused on the development of new tools and capabilities. Work will be done either at a contractor facility while supporting the end customer, or directly in the customer facility. The selected candidate(s) will be on a team of around 40 researchers, developers and testers that will help produce and refine capabilities, as well as resolve issues in existing tools. The candidate will develop and maintain low-level applications and operating system projects related to software protection and host-based personal security tools.


The right candidate will have the following minimum qualifications:

• Detailed understanding of how software vulnerabilities function in at least one of the following: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X, Android, iOS
• Strong knowledge of x86/x86_64 assembly language
• Expert in C programming
• Fluent in use of debuggers to perform assembly level debugging of software
• Strong knowledge of low level, systems programming concepts
• Experience developing low level software using C in at least one of the following: Windows, Linux, Unix, OS X, Android, iOS
• Experience using source code version control systems such as Subversion or Git

The perfect candidate will have:

• Strong understanding of how software security technologies such as ASLR and DEP operate
• Experience using disassemblers such as IDA Pro
• Experience with additional architectures such as ARM
• Knowledge of operating system internals
• Experience with kernel development/debugging
• Experience using Python and XML

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • TS/SCI clearance with Full Scope Poly

Additional Information

Beyond the position supporting our client, the right candidate will also have the ambition and drive to play a larger role in Clear Ridge. As a startup, the first select team members play a very important role in the direction and brand of our company. Company operations are transparent – we want you involved in everything we do, if you’re up for it. We’d be honored to have you as part of something bigger from the start.

We have a unique approach to compensation and benefits.

Benefits Snapshot:

  • 100% Fully-Covered Health, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • 100% Fully-Covered Life Insurance
  • 100% Fully-Covered Disability Insurance
  • Monthly Cell Phone Stipend
  • Competitive 401k Matching 
  • 5 Weeks Paid Time Off
  • Gym Wellness Stipend Per Month
  • Continuing Education Reimbursement and Bonuses
  • Business Development and Client Expansion Bonuses
  • Employee Referral Bonuses – You find more recruits, you get rewarded!
  • Performance Bonuses
  • Scholarly Publications/Whitepaper Bonuses
  • “Living in a HUBZone” Annual Bonuses
  • Semi-annual Reviews

*100% Fully-Covered means the employee does not pay a dime from their paycheck for these benefits.