Investigator - Soweto

  • Soweto, South Africa
  • Contract

Company Description


This position requires a lot of field work (this is not a forensic or fraud investigation position) and may require night work.

Job Description

Maintenance and inspections:

  • Review the utilisation and maintenance of security equipment.
  • Communicate security needs and problems to senior management
  • Supervise shifts rosters, off days, leave taken, etc. for all Security Guards, and Assistant Investigators, to ensure all operations runs smoothly.
  • Do regular site inspections (Daily) and ensure to cover all the vulnerable areas.
  • Do unscheduled (surprize) inspection to identify any non-conformances in security personnel area of responsibility.
  • Ensure all security officers and supervisors are disciplined.
  • Ensure all Assistant Investigators are performing their duties.

Crime Risk analysis and Crime Prevention:

  • Formulate relevant preventative measures to ensure a downward trend in criminal activities
  • Develop and foster an interactive relationship with internal and external crime affiliated third parties and law enforcement agencies to combat and minimize criminal activities.
  • Gather and analyse information to identify possible crime related trends
  • It is a well-known fact that informants are very important tools of an investigator; therefore, all investigators should continuously recruit new informants.
  • Do extensive and proactive research into the core reasons for relevant criminal activities
  • Make recommendations to fight criminal activities
  • Evaluate the protection status on hot spot areas and report it to senior management with recommendations on how to fight these criminal activities.

Crime Investigation:

  • Plan and implement investigation techniques which complied with legal requirements and the policies and procedures of the Client
  • Conduct investigations in a professional and effective manner.
  • Go to crime sites and gather information and evidence
  • Question witnesses and gather witness statements. Ensure statements are written within 34 hours and hand in with photos to relevant personnel
  • Liaise with law enforcement agencies to verify and validate information
  • Investigators attending the incident/crime scene shall immediately make a full report to the Director/ Operations Manager.
  • Investigators shall update the Director/Operations Manager on a continuous basis of all noteworthy incidents
  • Do follow up investigations through means of informants and further information received
  • Give all information through to the relevant personnel
  • Testify in court when required
  • Compilation of dockets. Ensure that all the necessary information is included and that the docket is compiled in the right manner
  • Ensure that the compiled docket is handed over to the Docket Carrier

Arrests and Convictions:

  • Arrest syndicates that are responsible for theft in area
  • Ensure high conviction rate.


  • After making an arrest open case at police station.
  • Book in all evidence and suspects if any.
  • Inform Area Manager Immediately of an Incident as soon as it occurs.
  • Ensure Area Manager is kept up to date with the progress on reports
  • A Case Control Register and dockets will be issued to each investigative unit of the Client.
  • The Investigator will be responsible for the daily entries in the Control Register.


  • Daily Report: The Investigator that attended the crime scene should submit a daily report of the activities the previous night, this is the morning reports. Note: When a crime was committed the person responsible will submit a report in memorandum format. 
  • Weekly report: It is also the responsibility of the person who compiles the daily report to submit a Weekly Report on the status of criminal activities and other related incidents pertinent to his/her particular area every Monday morning.  
  • A progress report must also be handed in. 

General and Administration:

  • Ensure vehicles are always kept in a neat, clean and tidy conditions
  • Ensure vehicle licence are always kept up to date and renewed when required
  • Ensure vehicles are serviced when required with authorized dealerships
  • Complete log sheet for all kilometres travelled, indicate for which client it was and also indicate private kilometres travelled. Submit to relevant administrative personnel for processing. Private kilometres may under no circumstances be claimed as business kilometres. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action taken against you.
  • Also ensure that you are in the budget
  • Report any defaults or maintenance issues on the vehicles to management immediately.
  • Keep all fuel slips and petrol slip and attach to a completed vehicle maintenance form and submit to the relevant administrative personnel for processing
  • Complete time sheets for all hours worked on projects and submit to the relevant administrative personnel.
  • Also ensure that all Security Officers, Supervisors and Assistan
  • Investigators, Time sheets are filled in correct and then sign it off
  • Willingness and preparedness to go to different regions to perform duties as required from time to time.
  • No document relevant to any investigation shall be left lying around in any place where it may be scrutinized by another person.
  • The utmost care must be taken to ensure against the loss of any information/ documentation relevant to security related investigations.



  • Matric (Grade 12) or equivalent (NQF level 4)
  • PSiRA Registered, minimum grade C.
  • Any further education in policing/investigations will be highly beneficial
  • Three (3) to Five (5) years Crime Investigations Experience Valid code 8 drivers licence.