Security Supervisor - San Francisco Public Library (8211)

  • 100 Larkin St, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA
  • Full-time
  • Exam Type: Position Based Test
  • Eligible List Type: Combined Promotive and Entrance
  • Certification Rule: Rule of 10
  • Fill Type: Permanent Civil Service
  • Work Hours: Regular
  • Job Code and Title: 8211-Supervising Building and Grounds Patrol Officer

Company Description

San Francisco Public Library (SFPL) is dedicated to free and equal access to information, knowledge, independent learning and the joys of reading for our diverse communities. The library system includes the architecturally significant Main Library in the city’s Civic Center, 27 neighborhood branch libraries, two administrative buildings and four bookmobiles. With a collection of more than 3.7 million items, and circulation exceeding 11 million each year, SFPL serves more than 6 million visitors annually. The library system has extraordinary political and fiscal support that mandates an annual funding allocation from the city’s property tax revenues, resulting in a budget of $171.2 million in FY 22. With a strong budget, SFPL has approximately 900 employees committed to outstanding public service.

In June 2018, the Library was named Library of the Year by Gale/Library Journal for its active promotion of San Francisco’s values of inclusion, diversity, and equity and its ability to create programs and policies that support those democratic values. The library embraces its role as the most democratic of institutions, providing safe and welcoming facilities for all. Through a robust array of services and programs, the library places an emphasis on literacy and learning, digital inclusion, social justice, equity and healthy communities. To learn more about SFPL, please visit

Job Description

Under the general direction of the 0923 Manager of Security Operations and Emergency Planning, the Supervising Building and Grounds Patrol Officer is a working supervisor, (may perform the duties of a Building and Grounds Patrol Officer when required), assists in supervising the overall security operations of assigned buildings and grounds.

The essential functions of this job code include, but are not limited to: supervising the line security operations of the assigned buildings and grounds; assigning and scheduling officers to meet security needs of the buildings and grounds; observing and inspecting officers and their assigned areas to assure compliance with policies and procedures; monitoring and evaluating officer performance; writing and editing incident reports using the Library’s online incident tracking software; carrying out transition procedures between shifts; assisting in incident resolution; providing ongoing employee training; communicating to appropriate management regarding maintenance and security conditions; resolving complaints and providing back-up support to officers.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Monitors and evaluates performance, including the preparation of yearly performance plans and evaluations.
2. Assists in incident resolution.
3. Inspects Library buildings to assure that they are property secured.
4. When necessary, apprehends persons engaged in illegal acts, such as assault, vandalism, or theft and turns them over to police authorities or reports such action immediately to the Police Department.
5. Questions persons seeking entry to public buildings.
6. Enforces security regulations.
7. Manages key card system, including issuance of key cards to staff and applying or changing key card security access levels as required, using online key card management software.
8. Manages security camera system, including copying and providing video footage, as may be requested by Library or Police Department personnel.
9. Works cooperatively with Library stakeholders and partners, for example, the Police Department and the Department of Public Health.
10. Performs administrative duties related to the security department, and special projects as assigned by the Manager of Security Operations and Emergency Planning.

 Working Condition

Must wear department-issued uniform and badge, and carry equipment required by Library Security policies.


These minimum qualifications establish the education, training, experience, special skills, and/or license(s) which are required for employment in the classification.  Please note, additional qualifications (i.e., special conditions) may apply to a particular position and will be stated on the exam/job announcement.


High school diploma or equivalent (GED or High School Proficiency Examination); AND

Three (3) years of work experience as a special police officer, security guard, or other similar work; AND

License and Certification:
Possession of a valid California driver’s license.

Note: Applicants who meet the minimum qualifications are not guaranteed to advance through all of the steps in the selection process.

Desirable Qualifications:
The stated desirable qualifications may be used to identify job finalists at the end of the selection process when candidates are referred for hiring.
• Possession of a valid California Penal Code, Section 832 "Arrest Course" certificate.
• Excellent leadership skills or prior supervisory experience.
• Excellent customer service skills.
• Excellent writing skills, ability to use spreadsheets for scheduling staff.
• Highly motivated individual with high moral standards.
• Adaptable to change and knowledgeable in project management.

All work experience, education, training, and other information substantiating how you meet the minimum qualifications must be included on your application by the filing deadline. Information submitted after the filing deadline will not be considered in determining whether you meet the minimum qualifications.

Applications completed improperly may be cause for ineligibility, disqualification or may lead to lower scores.

Verification of Experience and/or Education:
Applicants may be required to submit verification of qualifying education and experience at any point during the recruitment and selection process. If education verification is required, information on how to verify education requirements, including verifying foreign education credits or degree equivalency, can be found at

Verification of qualifying experience, when requested, must be documented on the employer's business letterhead and must include the name of the applicant, job title(s), dates of employment, description of job duties performed, and signature of the employer or the employer's authorized representative. Experience claimed in self-employment will only be accepted if supported by documents verifying income, earnings, business license, and experience comparable to minimum qualifications above. Copies of income tax papers or other documents listing occupation and total earnings must be submitted. Employees of the City and County of San Francisco may submit performance evaluations showing duties performed to verify qualifying City experience. City employees will receive credit for the duties of the class to which appointed. Credit for experience obtained outside of the employee's class will be allowed only if recorded in accordance with the provisions of Civil Service Commission Rules. Verification may be waived if impossible to obtain. The applicant must submit a signed statement explaining why verification cannot be obtained. Waiver requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
Failure to provide the required verification, or request for waiver when requested may result in rejection of the application.

Note: Falsifying one’s education, training, or work experience or attempted deception on the application may result in disqualification for this and future job opportunities with the City and County of San Francisco.

Additional Information

Salary - $71,578 - $87,022 per year

Application Deadline: November 8, 2021 (at 11:59 PM)

Please email Meiyi Ouyang, at [email protected] should you have questions about the application process.

Selection Procedures:

Minimum Qualification Supplemental Questionnaire:

Candidates will be emailed a link to complete a Minimum Qualification Supplemental Questionnaire (MQSQ). This MQSQ is designed to obtain specific information regarding an applicant’s experience in relation to the Minimum Qualifications for this position as required for the minimum qualifications review. Applicants must also complete the official application. It is essential that applicants provide complete information in identifying their education, experience, and training. The MQSQ will be used to evaluate if the applicant possesses the required minimum qualifications.

Basic Supervisory Exam: (Weight: 50%)
Candidates who meet the minimum qualifications will be invited to participate in a written multiple-choice examination that is designed to measure basic knowledge of various supervisory practices and procedures (e.g. directing, counseling, guiding, evaluating, motivating, disciplining, developing, and training subordinates, delegation, etc.) as well as customer service and reading comprehension.
This is a standardized examination and, therefore, test questions and test answers are not available for public inspection or review.

The Basic Supervisory Exam will be administered either on a computer or in paper format. The type of format will depend on the size of the qualified applicant pool. Qualified candidates will be notified of the type of exam format in their exam appointment notification.

The score you achieve on the Basic Supervisory Exam shall be valid and 'banked' for three years, starting from the date of the examination. This means that, during this three-year time period, you will not be required to take this test again should you apply and be found eligible for a future announcement for which this particular test is used. Please note this test is used for other supervisory classes therefore your test score may be applied to one or more of these classes if you choose to apply to future recruitments. If the test for this future announcement is held within one year of the date of this examination, your score will be automatically applied to that announcement. However, after one year, you have the option to either (a) apply your test score to the other announcement or (b) re-take the test. Re-testing is permitted no sooner than one year from the date of the examination and only in association with your eligibility for another announcement for which this test is used. Please note that, should you re-test, your re-test score would become your official score since it is the most recent.
NOTE: A passing score must be achieved on the Basic Supervisory Exam in order to continue in the selection process.

Supplemental Questionnaire: {Weight: 50%)
Candidates must get a passing score on both Basic Supervisory Examination and supplemental questionnaire to have their name place on the resulting eligible list/score report. Upon application, candidates will be prompted to complete a Supplemental Questionnaire that must be submitted during the online application process. The Supplemental Questionnaire is designed to measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for the position 8211 Supervising Building and Grounds Patrol Officer. All relevant experience, education, and/or training must be on the application in order to be reviewed in the rating process. Candidates will be placed on the eligible list in rank order according to their final score. All statements made on the application materials are subject to verification.

Physical Examination:
Before the appointment, eligible candidates must pass a medical examination to determine their ability to perform the essential functions of the job.

The certification rule for the eligible list resulting from this examination will be Rule of Ten Scores. Additional selection processes may be conducted by the hiring department prior to making final hiring decisions.
Note: A passing score must be achieved on all examination components in order to be placed/ranked on the resulting Score Report. Candidates will be placed on the Score Report in rank order according to their final score.

Eligible List/Score Report:
A confidential eligible list of applicant names that have passed the civil service examination process will be created and used for certification purposes only. An examination score report will be established, so applicants can view the ranks, final scores, and the number of eligible candidates. Applicant information, including names of applicants on the eligible list, shall not be made public unless required by law. However, an eligible list shall be made available for public inspection, upon request, once the eligible list is exhausted or expired and referrals resolved. The eligible list/score report resulting from this civil service examination process is subject to change after adoption (e.g., as a result of appeals), as directed by the Human Resources Director or the Civil Service Commission.

The duration of the eligible list resulting from this examination process will be 12 months long and may be extended with the approval of the Human Resources Director.

Upon approval of the Human Resource Director (see Civil Service Rule 111A.26.5), the eligible list/score report resulting from this announcement may be used by other departments that also use this classification or a similar classification. To find other Departments which use this classification, please see

Additional Information Regarding Employment with the City and County of San Francisco:

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.

CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT:  All City and County of San Francisco employees are required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment.  For details on how it is applicable to your employment, please click here.

The City and County of San Francisco encourages women, minorities and persons with disabilities to apply. Applicants will be considered regardless of their sex, race, age, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental disability, medical condition (associated with cancer, a history of cancer, or genetic characteristics), HIV/AIDS status, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, military and veteran status, or other protected category under the law.