Shop Flow Director - South Tulsa

  • Tulsa, OK, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Christian Brothers Automotive

America's Number 1 Automotive Repair Franchise!

This location is currently rated 4.7 on Google - lots of happy customers!

Our mission is simple: to create an uncommonly great experience for customers in need of auto service and repair. Christian Brothers Automotive was founded in 1982 on the principles of honesty and integrity. All locations are equipped with manufacture-level diagnostic equipment in the shop, with lobbies that are designed to be welcoming and comfortable for guests. We enjoy providing the highest level of customer service while maintaining those original principles. We're excited to find the team member who will provide this experience to the guests!

CBA South Tulsa's Core Values:

1. You must be passionate about creating promoter customers.

2. Progressing in your career. Must be advancing and passing ASE certifications every testing period. Continually developing diagnostic and repair skills through continuing education. We need to have a team of A Techs. Service Team members must be able to produce high sales results and NPS score of 87% or greater.

3. Each team member must be easy to work with. Culture fit.

4. Producer – every team member must significantly contribute to the bottom line of the company.

Job Description

Ideal candidate will be organized and task oriented.

Workflow Management

A large part of your job will be managing workflow in the shop. This is ensuring vehicles are getting checked out in a timely manner but also thoroughly. You will need to get to know your techs and understand their strengths and weaknesses to be able to distribute the tickets based on the symptoms of the vehicle. Maybe one of your technicians is better with Euros than the other, this means if you have a BMW, Volkswagen etc come in he will be the guy you give it to. More than likely you will have a guy who is faster at hanging parts and one who is slower, if you have a time sensitive vehicle you will give it to the faster guy. It’s all about knowing your guys. On average we want to see the car pulled in and diagnoses started within an hour, if for some reason that is not happening you will need to be proactive and go follow up with the technician. 

Another aspect of workflow management is keeping due times updated on Tekmetric. On a ticket if you look on the right side under “promised time out” you can edit the time that the vehicle is due. Once it is past due it will turn red. If you see a due time approaching and the vehicle looks like it is still in repair you will need to speak to your tech and ask if it will be done on time. If not you will then call the customer and buy more time. 

Personnel/Attitude Care

A large part of your job as the Driver will be making sure your team is working like a well oiled machine. Getting to know your teammates on a personal level is of the utmost importance because it allows you to know their body language and speak into their situation and you will be able to tell when something is going on with them. This will allow you to be able to get ahead of a potential issue. 

Parts Intake/Returns

One of your responsibilities is to receive all parts and send back any returning parts. The delivery driver will hand you an invoice to sign. You are signing that you are receiving the part or parts indicated on the invoice so make sure to match it part for part before the driver leaves. After signing it, hand it back to them and they will hand you a copy to keep. The invoice should have its invoice #, part numbers and quantities. Once verified go to the “Orders” tab on Tekmetric, find the corresponding order and input the Invoice number and make price adjustments if necessary then mark “order received” After that you will scan the invoice and put it in the bin to be shredded.

Communication With The Virtual Service Team (VS Team)

You will be given a Slack account to communicate with your technicians and the VS Team. This is highly important to keep an eye on because techs and the VS team will ask questions about your vehicles at your shop and they need a timely response. If a VS team member asks your technician a question and the tech does not respond quickly you will need to go seek the answer and relay it to the VS Team.

Inventory Management

You will be in charge of ensuring that your inventory is always up to date. The importance of this is to ensure that the VS Team can look and see what our inventory shows and be confident in selling it if it shows it is in stock. The easiest way to manage the inventory is delegate someone to count all stock items every Monday and input the correct quantity into the inventory on Tekmetric. When entering stock orders into the system you will go to “Orders” and “Create a phone order” and then select the vendor and enter “Stock” as the PO#. Then you will “Select part from inventory” and find your part, plug in the quantity and price

You will be tasked with ensuring that the workflow of the shop is well managed. The goal is that no matter how busy we are it doesn’t feel busy and all vehicles are able to be completed within the time frame promised. This includes, but is not limited to: board reviews, personnel and attitude management, parts intake/returns and handling invoices, communication with the VS Team and Inventory. 

Board Reviews

Board Reviews should be completed at 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm and 4:00pm. Board Reviews are as simple as they sound, on every hour listed above you will gather your GRS team together and review what vehicles are in the shop and due to come in. You will also calculate your metrics at this time. This will allow you to get a firm grasp on what technician has what vehicles so we can be sure that we are meeting promised times and learn where your shop is at numbers wise. After you complete the Board Review with your GRS team you will go and speak to each Technician individually and get a grasp on where they are with each car. 


Organized, proactive, able to prioritize, understand strengths and weaknesses of team team members. and able to do whatever it takes for the business to take care of customers and accomplish other goals. 

Additional Information

All of your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines. Christian Brothers Automotive is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Christian Brothers Automotive Corporation maintains "At-will" employment practices.

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