Mobile Android Developer

  • Paris, France
  • Full-time

Company Description

Chauffeur Privé est le leader français du VTC présent à Paris, Lyon, sur la Côte d’Azur et bientôt dans d’autres villes d’Europe.

Le service, lancé il y a 5 ans, propose une alternative novatrice et made in France au transport de personnes et aux Taxis. Chauffeur Privé dispose aujourd'hui de la plus grande flotte de chauffeurs indépendants en Ile-de-France, avec plus de 15 000 chauffeurs.

Depuis son lancement en Mars 2012, près de 1 million de clients ont adhéré au service ; un succès qui hisse Chauffeur Privé en 2ème position du classement des Start-Up à plus forte croissance en 2016 en France.

Nous recherchons des talents pour nous accompagner dans notre développement, une centaine de recrutements sont prévus en 2017 !

Job Description


Chauffeur-Privé’s platform is made of many different web applications and micro-services. Each of them has its own database and API, and uses the most relevant language and database for the use case.

We use JavaScript, Python and Go. Databases are MongoDB, PostgreSQL and ElasticSearch. Micro-services communicate together using RESTful APIs and AMQP message broker. Our current frontend frameworks are Angular and ReactJS.

Our current organisation is strongly inspired from the Scrum methodology. Each team is a polyvalent feature team, made of FullStack / DevOps / Mobile / Data Engineers accompanied by a Product Owner.

At any time each team is focused on the improvement of its dedicated business KPI. The team owns its projects until the business goals are reached. Each sprint is also composed of small quick-win features and bug fixes. Our production environment is data-driven and each development is associated to a specific and measurable metric.

The company is growing at a fast pace, has huge ambitions, and very high standards of quality. You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone.


You will be required to:

  • Work each sprint cycle on a blend of project, feature and bug related issues with your teammates

  • Peer review code

  • Discuss the tickets, evaluate their complexity and suggest alternative solutions

  • Be the technical go-to for projects of varying complexity depending on your experience and skill

  • Show your work to your non-technical co workers during business reviews

You will have the opportunity to:

  • Take part in the cross-team architecture discussions that take place before deciding any significant change

  • Make technical presentations to the tech department’s weekly standup

  • Ask questions, give your opinion on important topics and organization improvements


All technical staff must have the following prerequisites:

  • Autonomous in project delivery

  • Strong communication and empathy

  • Continuous learning mindset

  • Ability to understand the business and propose evolutions

  • A good level of English (written and spoken)

The Mobile Android Developer position requires the following skills:

  • SDK mastery

  • Comprehension of Android guidelines and components

  • Unit test and functional test guru

  • Thorough understanding of functional development practices e.g. RxJava

  • A github repository with published work that demonstrates your know-how

  • At least 1 visible app on the App Store

  • Open to cross-training and gaining iOS

  • Interest in regular Android meetup events

Additional Information


  • Rémunération à définir selon expérience

  • 100 € de crédits Chauffeur Privé par mois, cumulables

  • BSPCE à discuter à la fin de la période d'essai

  • Début : dès que possible