Finance Manager

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Company Description

Cantieri Digitali Medtech is looking for a Finance Manager to manage our financial planning and reporting. We are an innovative startup with a social mission, both in the products we build and the way we work. We are building the first decentralized hospital in Italy (and maybe in Europe) with the goal of providing top quality treatments without patients needing to go to a hospital, especially at a time when no one wants to go to the hospital..

To date, we have had an excellent response from both the patients we treat and the partners we work with, including our investors. All of this has given us the strength and financial resources to be able to invest in growth. That said, we are truly at the beginning of an adventure that is as promising as it is complex, in fact we just raised our seed round. We want to expand our presence, hand-in-hand with hospitals and outpatient clinics. From our point of view there is no doubt that in a few years the "norm" will be to access diagnostics and medical treatments at home and/or online.

Job Description

The Finance Manager will be responsible for budgets, day-to-day cash management, financial forecasts and reporting. You will help make decisions on how best to allocate our investments to maximize impact and follow up on the implementation and reporting. You will also work with our Tech team on certain automation initiatives to elevate our analysis and reporting. 


  • 3-4  years experience as financial manager

  • Degree or studies  in corporate finance or accounting

  • Strong analytical skills and strategic view

  • Self-starter attitude, ease with working independently or with teams

  • Continuous improvement mindset 

  • An open mind

  • Fluency in Italian and English 

Additional Information

This role is flexible in terms of time and commitment depending on your preferences. We believe companies should empower people by offering a radical approach to work. If you join our team, you will be paid 100% of the salary in exchange for 75% of your time allocated to our roadmap. The rest of the time can be used for volunteer work and courses (which we can subsidize). The rest of the time is yours to pursue other interests which we truly value. In the end, as amazing as a company can be, life comes first. You will have a stake in the venture, as we assign part of the compensation to a work for equity arrangement. You will have the right to work from anywhere in the world - we are already spread over five countries and three continents - while given a budget for a co-working space, if the “office environment” is really where you do your best work. You will still meet the team in person every quarter to reconnect, socialize and exchange ideas, a tradition we look forward to resuming post-Covid restrictions.

If you are interested please send us a quick introduction with your CV.