Assistant Credit Manager

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Company Description

Canam Steel Corporation is a major US manufacturer of open web steel joists and steel deck.  The company participates in thousands of projects each year ranging from large distribution centers and high rise projects, to small retail centers.  The steel joist business in the US dates back to 1986 as a partnership with Canam Group and our steel deck business was launched by an acquisition of the United Steel Deck brand in 2010.  The Corporation currently operates six fabrication facilities, several sales and engineering offices, and employs approximately 800 people across the United States.

Job Description

JOB SUMMARY:   Approves or declines credit orders and is responsible for collections of a designated number of accounts. This function must be performed in a manner that will result in maximum sales, sound receivables, and the prompt conversion of receivables into cash with a minimum of past-due accounts.



·        Applies the Company’s Credit and Collection policies, practices and procedures to the Credit requirements of a designated number of customer accounts within specified dollar limits.

·        Analyzes requests for credit, plans and performs investigation of the information supplied by the customer for all new accounts. When customer file is opened, has the responsibility to maintain the information to allow proper assessment of the continued business relationship.

·        For all projects of his/her portfolio assigned by the immediate supervisor, must obtain the Project Information Form required for the verification and application of all rules which will allow Canam to benefit from the Construction Lien Laws.

·        Before the final credit approval for delivery, responsible for following up on the Notices to Owners confirming that they have been sent under the proper rules.

·        To complete the investigation process, must obtain and analyze third party Credit reports from authorized vendors (D & B, NACM) for recommendation to the Credit Manager.

·        Reviews Partial and Final Lien releases and submits to Credit Manager with his/her recommendation for final signature.

·        Submits credit approvals beyond his/her authority ($100,000.00) to his/her immediate supervisor, with all necessary reports, data and analyses and his/her recommendation.

·        Carries out the established program for the follow up and collections of the customer accounts in his/her assigned portfolio.

·        Systematically reviews the status of accounts to assure that those receivables are in a relatively sound condition.

·        When records indicate that customers may be exceeding safe limits, takes appropriate steps to prevent past due accounts with communication with his/her Credit Manager.

·        Prepares files for all problem accounts for discussion with immediate supervisor and possible transfer of same for further discussion with the Senior Credit Manager.

·        Must take steps to bring proper corrections of all irregularities of payments (ie : short payments, non allowed discounts, adjustments etc.)

·        Has full authority within approved policies, procedures, standards, and defined limits on credit matters within the defined area of responsibility. Deviations are subject to the approval of the Senior Credit Manager and/or Vice-President-Credit.

·        Performs other job duties as assigned by supervisor

Additional Information


·        2-4 years of related experience and/or training;  or equivalent combination of education and experience

·        Effective oral and written communication skills

·        Ability to write routine reports and correspondence

·        Computer skills to include:  MS Excel and Work

·        Preferable – Paralegal experience or equivalent training


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