Cycling Instructor - Nob Hill, Lower Pac, & SoMa

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Company Description

We are on a mission to bring about deep transformation of both body and mind, leading to a life filled with power, confidence and love.

Fitness is our vehicle for personal transformation. We aspire to help our clients live an elevated life experience that is genuine, supportive, and heart-centered. We are committed to seeing them through their fitness journeys, and celebrating them as they achieve improvement in every aspect of life.




Commit to your physical and personal metamorphosis, and you will achieve unlimited human potential.


Your purpose in life is to grow — to expand in knowledge, love, abundance and unity.


Being brave is a choice. Dare to be uniquely you, because you were born an epic human.


A healthy and vital YOU creates a ripple effect that positively impacts your life, your community and the planet.


Choose connection over competition. Together, we rise.


Celebrate diversity and embrace unity. At our essence, we are all made of the same stuff.


Strength is hot, and comes in all shapes and forms.


Love is the source of everything. Let love embrace you, flow from you, and be reborn endlessly within you.

Job Description

Community starts with you.

As a CORE40 SuperTrainer, you are a role model for every client. You believe health is wealth, and you practice daily healthy habits in your own life. You make friends and create communities everywhere you go. You believe in visualizing and putting in the work to create your own reality. You treat your peers, management, and everyone around you the way you treat yourself -- with compassion, love and ultimate respect. Your role extends far beyond the physical -- you transform the way clients feel about themselves, both mentally and physically. You are equally committed to your mental & physical health, because you know both are important to live a life filled with vitality and love.

As a CORE40 Instructor, you connect first with yourself, in order to connect more deeply with clients. You are a problem solver, a grower, and a seeker of truth.

Coaching clients is a form of your self expression and contribution, and, at the same time, you know it’s not about you -- it’s to build a stronger, a healthier, and a happier world.

You participate in ongoing education, because you are committed to growth. You create effective routines, and you talk with clients before and after class.

You are passionate about connecting with your teammates and clients outside of the studio.

Core Responsibilities:

1. Utilizing the CORE40 formula for an effective class and on a weekly basis, you’ll build routines and write thoughtful and meditative intentions

2. Check clients in when no intern is present

3. Engage with clients individually before, during and after class

4. Respond to feedback

  • Management will provide feedback periodically, you will be responsible for integrating the feedback into your classes

5. Remain knowledgeable on studio expectations, announcements and promotions

6. Sell basic intro packages & merchandise to clients when no intern is present

7. Adhere to the CORE40 class evaluation standards before class, during class, and after class

8. Attend at least 2 continuing education workshops a year

9. Regular posts on social media (Facebook & Instagram)


  • Former meditation or mindfulness training is a plus

  • Prior experience instructing cycle classes is a plus

  • Comfortable using basic technology

  • Active on Facebook and/or Instagram

  • Excellent interpersonal skills & demonstrated emotional intelligence i.e. empathy, patience, and compassionate listening

  • Friendly, outgoing personality and enjoys social interaction

  • Exhibits enthusiasm for the studio and for the job

  • Enjoys wearing multiple hats

  • Responds positively to job autonomy & takes pride in the work

  • Optimistic attitude

  • Has an eye for detail and cares for the studio’s appearance and cleanliness

  • Works as a cohesive team with all team members to ensure efficiency and effectiveness

  • Willingness to practice and grow

  • Maintains a professional appearance and behavior

Additional Information

Once your resume is reviewed, our hiring manager will be in contact with you to discuss the next steps in the application process.

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