Applied Physicist - Radioactive ion beams (SY-STI-RBS-2023-92-GRAP)

  • Full-time

Job Description

Your responsibilities

You will become part of the SY-STI-RBS section within CERNs Accelerator Systems Department, bridging across scientific fields such as nuclear physics, material science, atomic physics and chemistry. With more than 50 years of experience in the domain of radioactive ion beam production and numerous international collaborations in this field, you can find an environment to accelerate your career

We are ooking for a nuclear physicist (or similar) to take charge of development and characterization of radioactive ion beam (RIB) produced at CERN-ISOLDE. ISOLDE is an experiment dedicated to the production of radioactive ion beams for physics research using the isotope separation on-line (ISOL) method.

In this position, you will:
- lead the development and characterization of radioactive ion beams produced at ISOLDE;
- support the coordination and characterization of targets and respective RIBs using the ISOLDE infrastructure;
- support the implementation of a second fast tape station as a complementary tool for more access to beam characterization;
- implement an implantation setup as well as an alpha decay spectroscopy setup for the study of long-lived and alpha-decaying nuclei;
- manage the weekly yield measurement campaigns, manage the user driven demand for new RIB deliveries and take part in the proton-energy upgrade study.

Your profile

Skills and/or knowledge

  • Knowledge of Python, Labview, ORACLE and GIT;
  • Knowledge of mass spectroscopy, ion sources and nuclear decay spectroscopy;
  • Experience in project management;  
  • Experience with detector technology (alpha, HPGe, beta) would be an advantage
  • Fluent in English, the ability to work in French would be an advantage.

Eligibility criteria:

  • You are a national of a CERN Member or Associate Member State.
  • You have a professional background in Applied Physics (or a related field) and have either:
    • a Master's degree with 2 to 6 years of post-graduation professional experience;
    • or a PhD with no more than 3 years of post-graduation professional experience.
  • You have never had a fellow or graduate contract before.

Additional Information

Job closing date: 15.10.2023 at 12:00 AM (midnight) CET.

Job reference: SY-STI-RBS-2023-92-GRAP

Contract duration: 24 months, with a possible extension up to 36 months maximum.

Target start date: 01-December-2023

This position requires:

  • Work in Radiation Areas.


What we offer

  • A monthly stipend ranging between 6194 and 6808 Swiss Francs per month (net of tax).
  • Coverage by CERN's comprehensive health scheme (for yourself, your spouse and children), and membership of the CERN Pension Fund.
  • Depending on your individual circumstances: installation grant; family, child and infant allowances; payment of travel expenses at the beginning and end of contract.
  • 30 days of paid leave per year.
  • On-the-job and formal training at CERN as well as in-house language courses for English and/or French.


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