Junior/Specialist Quest Designer

  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Full-time

Company Description

To create revolutionary, story-driven RPGs which go straight to the hearts of gamers — this is our mission. As a driven team of talented professionals from all around the globe, we want to earn our place as one of the world’s top video-game developers, push narrative boundaries, and build unforgettable stories that set and redefine the standards for the genre.

Job Description

The Quest Design team is growing and we're looking for people focused on narrative-driven and emotional design, with visual scripting knowledge and a knack for directing complex projects. As a part of the Quest Design team you will have an opportunity to design, implement and direct your own stories in our worlds!

We consider applicants for both Junior and Specialist role, the level will be assessed during the recruitment process.

Daily Responsibilities

  • Creating the storyline on a detailed level.
  • Designing quests and implementing them using a proprietary toolset.
  • Planning assets required for the creation of the quests.
  • Cooperating with other departments.
  • Integrating delivered assets (like gameplay elements, locations, characters, dialogue etc.) into a seamless, engaging and unique experience.
  • Maintaining the highest possible quality of quests, and fixing reported bugs.
  • Creating and maintaining design documentation.


For the Junior position:

  • Good understanding of interactive storytelling.
  • Broad knowledge of culture and media landscape (videogames, movies, literature etc.).
  • In-depth experience with story-driven and role-playing videogames.
  • Strong critical thinking and analytical skills.
  • Ability to quickly create ideas within a given framework and iterate based on feedback.
  • Highly organized, able to work independently and solve problems pro-actively.
  • Excellent communication skills, dedicated teamplayer and capable of working effectively across teams involved in a game development lifecycle.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Familiarity with any video game software.
  • Education or work experience in software development is a plus.
  • Education in Game Development, completed internship or experience in modding is a plus.

For the Specialist position (same as for a Junior plus more below):

  • At least 3 years experience working in the Games Industry.
  • At least 1 year experience working as Quest or Mission Designer.
  • At least 1 shipped game working as Quest or Mission Designer.
  • Excellent understanding of interactive storytelling.
  • In-depth knowledge of game development and game design.
  • Proficiency with game engines and common game design tools.
  • Proficiency with visual scripting tools is a plus.

Candidates for all Quest Design positions are kindly requested to provide portfolio/examples of the projects they did.

As a part of the recruitment process, a candidate for a Quest Design Position will be asked to design and implement a playable quest. The quest must be delivered within 10 days after the list of requirements was sent. The start time can be set by candidate.

Candidates can use any editor that delivers a standalone executable, like Unreal Engine, Unity, Game Maker, Godot etc. Candidates may also choose from this list of modding tools: Witcher 2 Redkit, Skyrim Creation Kit, Shadowrun Editor, Divinity 2 Editor. We recommend simple tools to focus on storytelling. Text-based editors like Twine, however, are not sufficient.

Additional Information

  • A modern and relaxed studio atmosphere.
  • A chance to work in a booming industry, within an international team.
  • Private health care. 
  • 24/7 gym for CDPR employees with personal trainer on-site and a Multisport card.
  • 2 canteens, 5 fully equipped kitchens, fit vending machines and various foodtrucks.
  • Fresh fruit twice a week for everyone in the office, a wide choice of tea, fancy coffee machines and a few types of milk :)
  • Free library with wide range of games and books.
  • Many social activities and parties.
  • A dog-friendly office. 
  • From 20 to 26 days of paid vacation per year.
  • Step by step assistance and a ‘Relocation Package’ for new staff willing to relocate to Poland.
  • Polish lessons for foreign employees.
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