Junior Open World Designer

  • Kraków, Poland
  • Full-time

Company Description

The Open World team is dedicated to crafting an interactive, living and breathing world that captivates each and every player who ventures into it. Our goal is to create a futuristic urban environment with diverse social groups to encounter, wide-ranging points of interest to explore, and immersive in-game activities that’ll leave our players coming back for more.

Sound like your kind of jam? Don’t wait - now’s the chance to leave your legacy on Night City!

Job Description

As a Junior Open World Designer, in addition to ensuring that players have an array of stimulating and multifaceted gameplay experiences at their disposal, you’ll also be striving to communicate a one-of-a-kind story through the fast-paced, no-holds-barred world of Cyberpunk 2077.

If you’ve got a creative flair and a passion for strong storytelling, you’ll fit right in.

Daily responsibilities

    • Creating entertaining in-game events in Night City.
    • Devising natural and relatable NPC behavior.
    • Designing dialogue sequences to pass on to our writers.
    • Planning various pathway options for completing quests.
    • Implementing global assets in our engine (using the latest version of REDKit).
    • Handling documentation and coordinating with other teams.



    • Knowledge of one of the game editors (REDkit, Skyrim Creation Kit, Aurora or Shadowrun).
    • Creativity and thousands of ideas how open world should be presented in the game.
    • Good sense of narrative pacing. 
    • Fluent English.
    • Broad interest in culture and pop culture (literature, cinema, etc.) as well as knowledge about Cyberpunk genre. 
    • Real passion for playing games (cRPGs or pen & paper role playing systems).
    • Strong critical thinking and analytical skills.
    • Excellent communication skills & ability to effectively work across teams involved in a game development lifecycle.
    • Experience in modding games (cRPGs and sandbox games preferred) would be a plus.


    Additional Information


    • A modern and relaxed studio atmosphere.
    • A chance to work in an international environment in a booming industry.
    • A competitive salary and project-based bonuses.
    • Private healthcare.
    • From 20 to 26 days of paid vacation per year.
    • An exciting chance to work with the developers of one of the most acclaimed role-playing games in recent history.

    As a part of the recruitment process, a candidate for a Junior Open World Designer is always asked to perform a test – design, create and fill an open world area with given elements. Those are provided when the candidate decides to start a testing procedure and it has to be delivered on time in one of the following engines: REDkit (preferred), Skyrim Creation Kit, Aurora or Shadowrun. Please make yourself acquainted with the engine of choice before starting the test. For documentation about Redkit, please visit https://redkitwiki.cdprojektred.com.

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