Chief Financial Officer

  • 13801 York Rd, Cockeysville, MD 21030, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

Join our caring and compassionate team that make up the fabric of our community. As part of the Quaker values Broadmead appreciates the contribution of every individual employee. To reflect this, Broadmead offers competitive wages and generous benefits including health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, paid leave, and retirement plans.

Job Description

Essential Duties of this position  are described below and require an approximate commitment of time in the following percentages:

·         Development and Implementation of Strategic Plan initiatives – 30%

·         Support of Governance process and initiatives – 20%

·         Oversight and leadership of routine operational functions and activities – 50%


  1. Oversee the finances of the corporation and affiliated organizations' (collectively “the corporation”) performance through the evaluation, planning, development, organization and implementation of short term and long term strategic objectives in support of community goals.

2.   Lead the day-to-day operations of the Finance Department.  Key requirements include:

       -  Production of financial statements including Statement of Financial Position, Statement of Activities and Cash Flows.

-  Production of dashboard and other analytic reporting generated by the Finance function including comparison to industry standards and peers.

-  Development of the budget (both operating and capital).

3.   Manage the financial operations of the corporation working with all divisions and department managers.

4.   Oversee the corporate financial long-range strategic planning.

5.   Oversee the maintenance of proper cash balances for a smooth operation, including management of lines of credit and letters of credit supporting organizational liquidity requirements.

6.   Ensure a smooth medical and resident billing and collection process.

7.   Ensure third party billing and reimbursement practices are in compliance with contractual term and/or government regulations.

8.   Ensure that the liabilities are handled in a timely and professional manner.

9.   Oversee regular assessments of the finances of the organization.

10. Provide oversight of the payroll operations.

11. Serve as corporate liaison in relationship to financial matters

    • Serves as corporate liaison with bankers, lending institutions, bond holders, investment bankers, rating agencies, actuaries, auditors, insurance brokers, Medicare and Medical Assistance programs, and other regulatory agencies in relation to financial matters.

    • Report on the finances of the organization to groups both internally and externally including banks, rating agencies, regulatory agencies, accrediting organizations, etc.

      • Ensure the filing of cost reporting, bond reporting

      • Ensure all tax returns are timely and properly filed (corporate, personal property, 401K and payroll

    • Negotiates contracts in the areas of banking, finance and insurance.


12. Works in conjunction with the CEO and CO to negotiate and maintain corporate contracts and ensures they are up to date and in compliance with all requirements.

13. Works regularly with an actuary to development actuarial reports required for regulatory and business purposes, including the future service obligation calculation.

14.  Ensure preparation of the annual medical deduction and clergy calculations for residents.

15.  Ensure all residents carry appropriate amounts of health and Medicare-D insurance.

16.  Ensure the development, interpretation and implementation of policies and procedures to support corporation objectives, an appropriate internal control environment and compliance with local, state and Federal laws and regulations in all compliance area.

17.  Provide oversight, promote growth and development, monitor performance expectations and foster a culture of collaboration with the Finance Staff.

18.  Provide primary support to CEO related to the oversight of the Master Planning Strategic Workgroup and Master plan process.  This includes coordination with contracted developer; budget and financial forecasting oversight; contracting; board, resident and staff communication coordination; and general strategic planning support.

19.  Provide oversight in the development of all necessary and appropriate processes and IT to ensure optimal adherence to all HIPAA and departmental policies and procedures and institutional philosophies and maintenance of an appropriate IT internal control environment

20.  Oversee the external contracted services for IT.

21.  Lead the Technology Strategic Planning Workgroup in the development and implementation of the IT strategic plan.

22.  Lead the Technology Steering Committee to ensure appropriate allocation of resources and identification of strategic and tactical project prioritization.

23.  Serve as corporate liaison to the Board Finance Committee, Board Investment Committee and the Broadmead Residents Association Finance Committee, as well as a member of the Board Strategic Planning committee.  Lead management support of the Broadmead Resident Assistance Fund Council.  Also serve as financial liaison with affiliated corporations including Friends Care, Inc.: Broadmead Medical Services, Inc.; Broadmead Community Services LLC, Inc.: and Friends Share, Inc.

24.   Serve as Treasurer of Broadmead, Inc.; Broadmead Community Services, LLC; and Friends Care, Inc.

25.  Oversight and compliance with corporate investment strategy, working in conjunction with the Board Investment Committee.

26.  Oversight of insurance program contracting and claims management process related to property & casualty, liability and cyber insurance.

27.  Serve as a named investment and administrative fiduciary of the corporate 401K Plan and 403 (b) plans in addition to the CEO and VP of Human Resources.  This includes directing the investment and management of plan assets, including plan level investment changes.  Responsible for the discretionary authority and control over administration and operation of the plan.

28.  Provide oversight of the SAFE Program in partnership with the VP of Human Resources.

29.  Abide by the organization’s code of conduct in the performance of their duties

30.  Perform other related duties as required


  • Bachelor’s Degree (BA/BS) in Accounting, Finance or related discipline required

  • A CPA, CMA, or MBA in Finance is required.

  • 10+ years related progressive experience in Finance required.

  • 10+ years of progressive diverse Finance leadership experience required; in a faith-centered giving and/or CCRC living environment is preferred.

  • Comprehensive knowledge of Finance reporting and strategies.

Demonstrated ability to establish, achieve and exceed strategic goals.

Additional Information

Dependability and Initiative Expectations

  • Reports to work each day on time and as scheduled.

  • Participates in appropriate in-service education, meeting State in-service requirements.

  • Actively participates in required meetings, arriving on time unless prior arrangements have been made.

  • Takes initiative in performing job as evidenced by offering new ideas solutions, informing supervisor of potential problems/hazards, using time, equipment, and supplies efficiently, assuming extra duties willingly, and participating in educational programs to keep abreast of new developments, procedures, and technologies.

  • Complies with organization’s policies and procedures.

Customer Service Expectations

  • Agrees to abide by the CSI (Customer Service Initiative) guidelines as outlined in the CSI Training Program.

Corporate Compliance Expectations

  • Agrees to abide by the Standard of Community Excellence during my employment at Broadmead.

  • Responsible for reporting any alleged or suspected violation of the Standards of Community Excellence.

  • Adheres to the Organizations Policies & Procedures covering Privacy and Security in Compliance with HIPAA regulations.