Machine Learning Developer

  • Montreal, QC, Canada
  • Full-time

Company Description

brain. is a recruitment strategy agency, we have a service beyond the simple recruitment agency that you might know.
We represent a Montreal AI innovative company.

Job Description

Want to challenge your machine learning skills to explore the new frontier of Human AI Interaction training? We're looking for an ML developer to do just that!

Knowledgeable of AI standards: You have extensive experience using leading Machine Learning libraries and platforms like TensorFlowPyTorch and Keras.
You know OpenAI Gym inside out. You probably have a Masters degree in the fields of Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics or other data-rich domains, or, have an equivalent level of expertise from Industry experience. Knowledge modelling human behaviour and doing Reinforcement Learning would be awesome.

Good at applying ML solutions into traditional computer systems: You have experience in bringing ML systems into production and you enjoy applied research.

Intellectually curious: you absorb new knowledge every day while always being on the lookout for new challenges for their learning opportunities. You don’t limit yourself to the bounds of your role or even of the company. You understand that knowledge, challenges and feedback can be found and come from everywhere.

Autonomous: you are proactive and self-driven. You are capable to take a high level goal and create your own plan to reach it. You take ownership, don’t require follow-up and are accountable to your results, whatever they might be.


Develop AI agents as well as the environments in which they operate, understanding the mutual influence environment and agents have on each other.

Improve the function of the team you are a part of, either through individual achievement or through leadership; you improve the organization too.

Maintain rich, thoughtful, candid communication with your peers in order to ensure the very best results.

Gather, acknowledge, and respond to internal feedback, adjusting design and technological choices as necessary.

Use quality work procedures that set a good example for others when implementing your solutions.

Additional Information

  • We believe in a better future.
  • A future where humans are augmented by AI agents and not replaced by them.
  • A future where safe artificial general intelligence is possible thanks to human and AI synergy.
  • We are working on improving how we will interact with Artificial Intelligence, putting strong emphasis on human-in-the-loop training.