Research Scientist / Engineer for Reinforcement Learning / Planning

  • Andrei Sakharov St, Haifa, Israel
  • Full-time
  • Legal Entity: Robert Bosch Technologies Israel Ltd.

Company Description

Robert Bosch Technologies Israel Ltd is a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH in Israel, focusing on Artificial Intelligence research and Open Innovation.

Our research group in Haifa focuses on Reinforcement Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, Off-Road Autonomous Vehicles, and Planning. 

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Job Description


  • Research and development of novel reinforcement learning algorithms for self-driving off-road vehicles or manipulation robotics
  • Focus on development of scalable RL algorithms that work reliably for real world applications
  •  In particular, focus on model-based RL for physical systems and Deep RL for complex decision problems.
  • Creating original research and publishing at top Machine Learning conferences such as NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, IROS, ICRA, ICCV, ECCV, CVPR, etc. 
  • Transfer of state-of-the-art research results to Bosch applications
  • Technical discussions and creation of new ideas within the existing Reinforcement Learning research team



Technical skills

  • PhD / MSc in Machine Learning or related field (Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Control Theory, Robotics, etc.)
  • Experience in development and implementation of novel algorithms
  • Knowledge of machine learning algorithms and statistical principles
  • Proven programming skills, in particular in Python
  • Knowledge in Deep Learning frameworks (Pytorch / Tensorflow) 

Personal skills

  • Motivation and ability to define personal research roadmap
  • Ability to collaborate with an international interdisciplinary teams
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Humility and willingness to learn
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