Software Architect / 软件架构工程师_AS

  • Jinan, Shandong, China
  • Full-time
  • Legal Entity: Bosch Automotive Steering (Jinan) Co., Ltd.

Company Description

Bosch Automotive Steering (Jinan) Co., Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bosch Group. Its predecessor is ZF Commercial Vehicle Steering (Shandong) Co., Ltd., established in October 2005, provides Chinese business partners with a full portfolio of steering system for commercial vehicles. Currently, the company has completed the construction of phase II-workshop, R&D center and the vehicle testing ground.

Servocom series hydraulic ball & nut steering gears are the main products of the company. Servocom is designed with features of modularization, high pressure and high level of standardization. Compared with competitors, these features bring benefits such as less energy consumption, wide range of application. Meanwhile, the output torque of unit mass is increased through light-weight design and the payload is increased accordingly. Also, the maintenance-free of Servocom leads to the reduction of life cycle cost. Servocom has been owned more than 1 million units in China and applied by all major Chinese commercial vehicle OEMs. Currently,ServoSino8198 which developed by our company has been launched on the market. Servotwin which makes automated driving come true has also been introduced into China market. Besides, our company is dedicated to promote Robust System to reduce failure rate and fulfill the requirement of customer for the modular management.



Job Description

- Define the software system for commercial vehicle steering of all platform generations
- 定义所有商用车转向系统平台产品的软件系统
- Support the application of the software system to individual customer projects and work out the behavior of the software for electro-hydraulic steering systems in the market for highly and fully automated driving
- 支持客户项目软件系统的应用,收集市场或客户对高度自动驾驶及完全自动驾驶对转向系统的需求,并定义出对软件性能的要求
- Responsible for the technical and functional safety concepts of the software for commercial vehicle steering systems
- 负责转向系统软件技术及功能安全概念的定义
- In consideration of the requirements of the steering system, define and describe the architecture and architectural requirements of software, considering architectural goals, costs, deadlines, and Bosch quality requirements
- 结合转向系统的要求,基于软件架构目标、成本、时间及博世质量体系要求,来定义和描述对软件架构及其要求
- Coordinate the technical interfaces between different departments within Bosch and work actively on the design of higher-level system architectures and requirements of the steering system
- 协调博世内部不同技术部门的工作,考虑对转向系统的需求以完成软件上层架构设计
- In the context of development and optimization of products, evaluate in a structured way the impacts of the requirements as well as the results of software architecture
- 持续开发和优化产品,评估新需求,以及对软件架构的影响
- Work in across divisions in an international development network and support the respective locations in defining the product architecture
- 在国际研发网络框架下与跨部门同事一起工作,支持其它工厂的产品架构设计
- Where required, give assistance to other engineers or supervisor in department
- 在需要时,协助部门的其他工程师及主管安排的其它任务


Qualifications & Requirements

- Bachelor’s degree or above in automation, software engineering, mechatronics or related
- 学士及以上学位,自动化、软件工程、机电一体化等相关专业

- 3 years or above working experience in software development and softwar architecture in embedded systems, Especially in the area of steering functionality. And experience with Doors, Enterprise Architect, AEEE, System desk, IBM ClearCase / ClearQuest / Track & Release or
comparable tools are preferred
- 3年或以上嵌入式系统软件开发及架构开发经验。有使用Doors, Enterprise Architect, AEEE, System desk, IBM ClearCase / ClearQuest / Track & Release或者其它同类工具者优先
- Good knowledge and experience with embedded systems, with CAN, CAN FD, Ethernet, etc, control algorithms and application of C,etc
- 熟悉嵌入式系统开发,CAN,CAN FD,以太网等;控制算法,以及应用C语言等
- Knowledge in AUTOSAR
- Knowledge in SAE J1939, UDS,etc
- 熟悉J1939,UDS等协议
- Knowledge in function safety and product security, ISO26262, ISO21434, ASPICE, etc
- 熟悉功能安全及网络安全,熟练应用ISO26262, ISO21434,ASPICE等
- Working experience in multinational foreign companies is preferred
- 具有跨国企业工作经验者优先
- Great passion of software development for embedded and steering systems
- 对嵌入式系统及转向系统软件开发充满热情

Skills 技能
- Excellent communication skills in English and Mandarin both written and verbal
- 优秀的英语及普通话书面及口语交流技能
- Knowledge of German language desirable
- 具有德语能力者更佳
- Strong interpersonal skills with an ability to work in a diverse team
- 有很强的人际交往能力,能在多样化团队中工作
- Ability to work and deliver under pressure at the customer’s site
- 能够在客户现场压力下工作
- Ability to follow established procedures, practices and instructions
- 能够遵循既定的程序,惯例和指示
- Excellent computer skills in MS office incl. Word, Excel, PowerPoint
- 良好的计算机及办公软件(Word, Excel, PowerPoint) 应用能力

Additional Information


  • Good health.
  • Good professional ethics.
  • Strong sense of confidentiality.
  • Care about details and precision.
  • Self-motivated and able to work under pressure.
  • Able to work overtime if necessary.
  • Hold positive attitude whenever facing different opinions or other problems and take necessary actions to facilitate solutions.
  • Willingness to travel.
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