Gearbox development engineer_齿轮箱开发工程师

  • Beijing, Beijing, China
  • 全职
  • Legal Entity: Bosch Rexroth (Beijing) Hydraulic Co., Ltd.


Bosch Rexroth (Beijing) Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA). The company covers an area of 64,598 square meters. It currently has 800 employees, devoted to providing travel, swing and winch gear boxes, hydraulic pump and motor, valve and compact hydraulics together with other services to customers in mobile application. Our organization is concentrated to R&D, manufacturing, logistics and commercial functions. As one of Bosch Rexroth's most important manufacturing bases in China, Bosch Rexroth (Beijing) Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has been making great contribution to the fast - paced development of China's manufacturing industry.


- Design and Development of gearbox components for mobile machinery 负责应用于行走机械的减速机的设计开发

- Participation in development projects according to company process and guidelines 给予公司的设计流程与指导方针参与项目开发工作

- Technical support for other departments (Sales/Purchasing/Manufacturing/Quality) during simultaneous development process and daily work 为其它部门提供相应的技术支持(包含销售,采购,生产制造及质量等部门)

- Technical collaboration with the lead plants in Germany与德国主厂开展技术合作

- Collaboration within the improvement for general engineering processes in China  与中国区相应的技术提升项目开展技术合作

- Problem solving  发现问题并解决问题并指定预防与提升措施



‘- Bachelor's degree or above in mechanical engineering. 机械工程本科以上学历
- Fluent English. German can be a plus. 流利的英语工作能力。
- 3-5 years experience of gearbox or other mechanical components design (product knowledge, design process, design tools) 3-5年减速机或其它元件设计经验(包含产品知识,设计流程,设计工具等)
- Have knowledge for DRBFM, DFMEA and other design methods 具备DRBFM, DFMEA等设计方法的知识
- Experience of project participation 具备项目经验
- Have knowledge on gear, bearing, metal material and sealing is preferable具备相应的齿轮,轴承,金属材料和密封等知识
- Motivation and Team work spirit 具有自我驱动力以及优秀的团队精神