Digital Services Team Leader (Software development &Automation, DevOps)

  • Bulevardul Take Ionescu, Timișoara, Romania
  • Full-time
  • Legal Entity: Bosch Service Solutions S.R.L.

Company Description

Bosch Service Solutions is part of Bosch Group and a leading global supplier of Business Process Outsourcing for complex business processes and services in the areas of Mobility, Monitoring, Customer Experience, Business Services and Global Services. Starting with 2007, the site in Timisoara delivers a comprehensive full service to Bosch Group and external clients.


Business Services in Timisoara

We have expertise in areas such as Technical and IT, Customer Care, Production Support and other services.

Our technical support finds fast and efficient solutions in response to requests concerning our technology and products – for customers as well as for their technical partners and associates.


Global Services in Timisoara

We support Bosch Group in areas such as Finance, Accounting, Controlling and Purchasing.

Our Finance & Accounting specialists find efficient solutions to ensure the smooth running of all finance and accounting processes. 

Controlling Shared Service portfolio includes a broad range of services such as cost center controlling, budgeting and forecasting, controlling of internal and external charging, monthly business reporting, and sales analysis.

Commercial Customer Support is performing activities related with commercial and logistics topics for automotive customers. The main activities include: tracking and monitoring of sales targets, supporting collection and dispute management, maintenance of customer specific logistics and sales elements.

In addition, our Purchasing Business Operations specialists in Timisoara offer a wide range of services: process a purchase requisition to purchase order, including parts-on-stock, process invoice clearing, negotiate Bosch suppliers’ offers, manage suppliers’ changes, onboard and maintain globally Bosch suppliers’ e-Catalogues, offer global support for tenders and general back-office support for our clients for any indirect purchasing activity.

Strategic Purchasing Category Management department is developing in Timisoara. The team drives strategic supplier management and contract negotiations for all indirect demands on Eastern Europe and DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) level within the Bosch Group through the active presence of our strategic buyers’ team specialized on different commodities.


Job Description

Leadership Responsibilities

  • Governance (clear understanding of software development process);
  • Test in order to describe setup of a new product ( describe team setup, framework of development, quality assurance).
  • Management and development of continuous integration and deployment solutions for production applications across various sites/software. He spearheads the creation of new technology infrastructures and maintains configuration management and automation tools;
  • Conducts training on junior DevOps engineers on how to build processes where dependencies are represented clearly in code;
  • Organize an agile communication model with the team to understand and support the Devops engineering team.

Operational Responsibilities

  • Maintaining of technical documentation structure;
  • Coordination of Product development (through sprints, scrum, etc.);
  • Reporting to internal and external customers;
  • Responsibility to adherence to rules of Bosch or external in order to be compliant;
  • Consultancy and sales support;
  • Responsibility of financial target for the allocated Cost Center.
  • Enables the automation of configuration management of all development, quality assurance, and production servers as well as the automation of continuous integration and continuous delivery;
  • Creation of software deployment strategies that allow DevOps engineers to successfully deploy sites/software in any environment. He is also responsible for the updating of configuration management tools, code and modules for the purpose  of  streamlining implementation and supportability;
  • Collaborative role where he assists junior DevOps teams in the navigation of technologies such as Python,  MySQL, MongoDB and so forth. Also coaches in the workings of reusable tools and patterns, for example, reusable code;
  • He also supports engineering teams in the implementation of lifecycle infrastructure solutions and documentation operations in order to meet the engineering department’s quality and standards;
  • Provides support to all sales and Product Management Processes related to  Devops as a Service.


Hard Skills Requirements

  • BA degree in Computer Science;
  • Previous experience in software development leadership (1-3 years);
  • Skilled in the configuration, maintenance, and securing of Linux systems as well as skill in scripting languages such as Shell, Ruby, Python, Chef, Ansible,  Juju;
  • Proficient with Microsoft.NET 3.5+ development using C#;
  • In depth knowledge and experience with core Microsoft .Net technologies including: WCF, WPF, WF, LINQ and EF;
  • Experience with web development technologies including ASP.NET, MVC3, JavaScript, AJAX and CSS;
  • Experience with user interface design and prototyping;
  • Extensive experience designing and developing enterprise grade software;
  • Experience with source control management systems and continuous integration/deployment environments;
  • Experience with automated testing;
  • Experience with agile development methodologies including Kanban and Scrum;
  • Experience with multi-threading and concurrency;
  • Experience with debugging, performance profiling and optimization;
  • Comprehensive understanding of object oriented and service, oriented application development techniques and theories.
  • At least 3- 5 years of working experience in a DevOps capacity, preferably as a DevOps Engineer;
  • Experience automating the managing large-scale infrastructure and have significant familiarity with devops practices: systems automation, orchestration, deployment, and implementation;
  • Experience using Jenkins, Ansible, Azure, Docker  and Linux based OS as well as experience configuring and automating monitoring tools. The candidate must similarly demonstrate experience in software development and experience working with tools and languages such as MySQL, SaaS, Git, Python, Shell scripting, Java, and MongoDB;
  • A suitable candidate will further demonstrate experience in scaling distributed data systems, for example, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Cassandra, among others. The candidate will further have had experience with highly scalable systems, inclusive of frontend and backend websites tiers. He will additionally have had a keen understanding of monitoring solutions for all layers of web infrastructure.

Soft skills Requirements

  • Internally motivated, able to work proficiently both independently and in a team environment;
  • Exceptional communication skills with both internal team members and external business stakeholders;
  • Proactivity in finding solutions;
  • Creativity and analytical skills, able to work with deadlines and in pressing situations;
  • Entrepreneurship mindset and ability to work with stakeholders from different areas and hierarchical levels;
  • A candidate for this position must be a result oriented individual, be helpful in nature, be self-motivated, be proactive going beyond the call of duty, be a creative and strategic thinker, be highly analytical, work comfortably in a constantly evolving environment, work comfortably in a collaborative environment, have an ability to multi-task and meet tight deadlines, and have an ability to remain calm in the face of uncertainty and stress;
  • The Team Lead DevOps Engineer must also be a people person who is able to form strong and meaningful relationships with other people. He will be likable and relatable individual who inspires trust and confidence in his junior, seniors, and in collaborating personnel who then readily follow in his insights, judgments, and directives;
  • Exceptional communication skills that allow him to effectively execute his supervisory duties. Good communication skills in this case will guarantee that he clearly conveys information and instructions in a clear manner, which will in turn determine the performance of the teams;
  • The Team Lead DevOps Engineer will also need good communication skills in his intensely collaborative role, leading to more efficient execution of collaborative duties across the engineering department and the business.

Preferred skills for DevOps

  • A candidate for this position must be technologically adept and have demonstrated DevOps skills, preferably in scaling distributed data systems;
  • The candidate must have a comprehensive understanding of Microsoft and/or Google Cloud Platforms and be highly familiar with big data clusters: e.g. Hadoop;
  • He will also have exceptionally good scripting skills through one of the following Python, Shell/Bash.


Additional Information

#LikeABosch Benefits:


  • Flexible benefits - On top of your salary, we offer you 2700 Ron / year, via your benefits account, which can be used according to your preferences;
  • The 13-th salary - Your contribution to Bosch is valuable. Celebrate a successful year with the 13th salary, just in time for the winter holidays; 
  • Meal tickets - A balanced diet includes at Least one hot meal per day, therefore we offer you meal tickets with a value of 13 Ron;
  • Flex-time possibility - We care about your personal schedule, therefore we try to offer you flexible working hours, according to personal and business needs. Please discuss with your team Leader;
  • Home office - We want you to work however fits you best. We offer the standard possibility to work from home 50% of the time. This percentage could be higher or Lower according to personal and business needs. Talk to your team Leader for detailed information. During pandemic times we take added care of your health and you will be working from home 100% of the time (for special situations you can come to the office);
  • Medical subscription - We know how important health is, so you get a medical subscription through the Regina Maria network, paid by the company;
  • Relocation package - If you're being recruited from  more than 50 km, we provide a standard relocation package of 500 Euro (conditions apply);
  • Referral bonuses - We build our teams on trust, so we encourage you to refer new candidates to us through our program: Recommend Bosch. For certain positions we will honor you with an attractive bonus;
  • Language courses - We invite you to learn new languages in your free time and get a discount of up to 600 Ron/module;
  • Professional development - Great opportunities to develop yourself within the company;
  • Life events celebration - Your family is growing while working at Bosch? We congratulate your newborn with a 1000 Euro bonus; 
  • Celebrate together - We Like to give presents to our Loved ones, therefore we offer you 150 Ron for Christmas. Your children will enjoy this benefit too, as they will also receive 150 Ron;
  • Unforeseen situations - In case of unfortunate events, we support you by offering you free days and financial support (handled on a case by case basis);
  • Growing number of vacation days - Work-life balance is essential for us, therefore we offer you 1 more day of vacation for every 2 years you spend in Bosch. We start with 21 days;
  • Sport benefits - Being active helps you in your personal and professional Life, so we encourage you to stay in shape by using the 7Card and the discount from Smartfit Studio; See also: flexible benefits;
  • Internal communities - You are welcome to become an active member of our internal communities;
  • Discounts to our partners - We have a strong network in our community so that we can offer you discounts to various business such as ISHO and others; 
  • Trainings and certifications -We believe in a Life-Long Learning approach, so we invite you to take part in technical and soft skills trainings;
  • Professional Development - Great opportunities to develop yourself within the company.
  • Team-buildings - We organize yearly team-building activities for your department, so you get to know each other and build trust among your peers;
  • International Assignments - You have the possibility to work on international projects with and in other Bosch Locations, as we have offices in more than 60 countries worldwide;
  • Diversity and multicultural mindset - More than 10 different nations are  represented  and  several  Languages are  spoken  by  our  colleagues. Diversity Day is a special day dedicated to sharing our diverse cultural experiences;
  • Bookster- the road to self improvement is paved by books. Borrow the books that interest you and your family through the Library that comes to your office.

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