Workshop Recruiter/博世车联招募顾问_AA

  • Zhengzhou, Henan, China
  • Full-time
  • Legal Entity: Bosch Automotive Technical Service (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

Company Description


Do you want beneficial technologies being shaped your ideas? Whether in the areas of mobility solutions, consumer goods, industrial technology or energy and building technology - with us, you will have the chance to improve quality of life all across the globe. Welcome to Bosch.


Job Description

  1. Evalaute market and competitor situation in assigned area and identify candidates for Bosch Workshop Concepts, following the Bosch Workshop Concept Pyramid 对所负责的区域内的市场和竞争对手的状况进行评估,寻找合适的汽车维修站,根据博世汽车服务概念的不同分级,发展加盟店或服务站
  2. Analyse the candidates according to the Bosch Concept requirements. Actively sell the workshop concept models and acquire the candidates 根据博世服务站概念的要求分析可发展的维修站,积极销售博世服务站概念。
  3. Accompany them actively in their internal preparation and ensure proper handover to the workshop consultant 积极参与维修站的加盟的准备工作,确保很好的把新站移交给服务顾问


  1. Solid technical, sales or marketing education (trained professional) 扎实的技术背景,销售或市场教育背景(或职业培训背景)
  2. Technical understanding related to the automotive industry 了解关于汽车行业技术
  3. Minimum 3 years experience in automotive aftermarket business 至少3年在汽车售后市场的从业经历
  4. Knowledge in automotive products / systems 了解汽车相关产品/系统
  5. Experience in workshop / sales management (general process & organizational) preferably within automotive industry (AutoCenters, Tyres business, fleet business  etc) 有车间或销售管理的经验(通用流程和组织),最好有汽车行业经验(如汽车城、轮胎业务、车队等)
  6. Understanding of service network management 了解服务网络管理
  7. Is able to use PDCA cycle to manage  能使用全面质量管理工具
  8. Good knowledge and application of sales methods 能很好的运用销售技巧
  9. Good communication skills to different level  in a matrix organization  e.g. Reginal Office, Headquarter and Bosch Car Service network 良好的沟通技能,能在矩阵型组织内处理好与不同层级的沟通关系(如大区中心、总公司、网络等)
  10. Sales and conceptual thinking 销售和概念性思考能力
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