Design engineer (for Compact Hydraulics)

  • Beijing, Beijing, China
  • 全职
  • Legal Entity: Bosch Rexroth (Beijing) Hydraulic Co., Ltd.


Bosch Rexroth (Beijing) Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA). The company covers an area of 64,598 square meters. It currently has 800 employees, devoted to providing travel, swing and winch gear boxes, hydraulic pump and motor, valve and compact hydraulics together with other services to customers in mobile application. Our organization is concentrated to R&D, manufacturing, logistics and commercial functions. As one of Bosch Rexroth's most important manufacturing bases in China, Bosch Rexroth (Beijing) Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has been making great contribution to the fast - paced development of China's manufacturing industry.


1. Product design according to customer's requirements/按客户需求进行产品设计
2. Technical support for cross functions (Sales/Purchasing/Prototyping/Manufacturing/Quality)/为其它部门(销售、采购、样品、生产、质量)提供技术支持
3. Communication with lead plant for design related issues/与主厂沟通解决产品设计相关问题
4. Supporting on platform projects/支持平台项目相关工作
5. Supporting on localization/支持本地化项目相关工作
6. Create D-FMEA for new products/为新产品创建D-FMEA


1. Bachelor's degree or above in hydraulic engineering or mechanical engineering/ 获得液压或机械专业学士或以上学位
2. Experienced at hydraulic system/component design (product knowledge,design process, design tools)/对液压系统、零件设计有一定经验(包括产品知识、设计流程、设计工具)
3. Familiar with manufacturing of hydraulic products/熟悉液压产品的生产工艺
4. Good team work and good flexibility/有良好的团队意识和灵活的思维
5. Able to understand tasks correctly and complete on time/能正确理解并按时完成生产任务
6. Good English reading and communication skills/具有良好的英文阅读和沟通能力
7. Excellent at MS-office software/能熟练使用MS office办公软件
8. Excellent at AutoCAD and Pro/E/熟悉AutoCAD以及Pro/E等设计软件的使用