Project purchasing engineer 项目采购工程师

  • Beijing, Beijing, China
  • Full-time
  • Legal Entity: Bosch Rexroth (Beijing) Hydraulic Co., Ltd.

Company Description

Bosch Rexroth (Beijing) Hydraulic Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area (BDA). The company covers an area of 64,598 square meters. It currently has 800 employees, devoted to providing travel, swing and winch gear boxes, hydraulic pump and motor, mobile control and compact hydraulics together with other services to customers in mobile application.  

Our organization is concentrated to R&D, manufacturing, logistics and commercial functions.  As one of Bosch Rexroth's most important manufacturing bases in China, Bosch Rexroth (Beijing) Hydraulic Co., Ltd. has been making great contribution to the fast - paced development of China's manufacturing industry.

Job Description

·       Technical/Commercial assessment of potential party families, RFQ (request for quotation) based on global business condition.  / 对潜在的项目进行技术/商务评估,按照全球业务条款进行询价。

·       Communication with lead plant colleagues of different cross function, harmonize project scope and align the project strategy. / 与主厂相关部门进行交流,协调项目目标及项目战略。

·       Technical analysis of the drawings, coordinate technical sourcing review with Engineering department, PUQ function and suppliers. / 对图纸和技术规范进行评估,协调技术及质量部门与供应商进行技术交流。

·       Responsible for whole project development process, e.g. RFQ (request for quotation), price negotiation, COQ (comparison of quotation), PRPO (purchase request and purchase order), sample release (ISIR). / 负责跟踪项目的全过程, 包括询价、价格谈判、比价、采购申请和采购订单,样品放行等。

·       Coordinate with lead plant PUE/PUR colleagues on sourcing change process. E.g prepare all required documents, coordinate the validation schedule, follow up key tiem node, etc... / 配合主厂采购部门完成工程变更。如:准备所有相关文件,协调验证时间表,跟踪关键时间节点等。

·       Process optimization to improve quality and reduce cost. / 工艺优化以提升质量降低成本。


Machining background, preferable oversea experience (working or learning – Germany, machining, Master) ;  机械类专业,本科或以上学历,有海外学习或工作经历更佳;

Fluent English both oral and writing;  良好的英文听、说、读、写能力;

Open, self-driven, team player; 有效的沟通,自我激励,及良好的团队合作精神;


Additional Information

DC internal candidate only

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