General Manager / Senior General Manager (RBIN/ICO, RBIN/PJ-DT)

  • Bosch Limited, Adugodi, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
  • Full-time
  • Legal Entity: Bosch Ltd.

Company Description

The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services, in
the areas of automotive technology, industrial technology, consumer goods,
energy and building technology. In India, the Group operates through six
subsidiaries with a combined associate strength of around 26,000 and a group
turnover of around Rs. 13,200 crores in 2013. In India Bosch Limited is the
flagship company of the Bosch Group. Over and above a strong presence in
the India Automotive services sector, Bosch in India has a vast service
network that spans across 1,000 towns and cities with over 3000 service
outlets. As the largest auto component supplier in the country, setting a
benchmark in the sectors it operates in, the company has to its credit several
laurels. We invite promising and dynamic professionals for a long-term and
rewarding career with Bosch.

Job Description


  • To define / adapt IT strategy in alignment with Bosch IT strategy & regional business strategy
  • To constantly seek opportunities to review and implement new trend IT tools / applications to enable the business effectively / ahead of the competition
  • To guide RBIN/GLs, RO Functional heads & GB RPs in the region on potential usage of IT resources for leveraging the business (productivity, cost, functional efficiency, USP etc)
  • To plan overall infrastructure requirements (backend & user h/w including mobile) based on current and future requirements from GB / Legal entity and co-ordinate with Corporate IT to implement the same
  • To design / adapt, deploy, monitor & improve field support functions for ensuring the business continuity & user experience with optimized costs at defined service levels (to explore opportunities with CI and retain the policies & budgetary planning and controls…)
  • To implement standardized global solutions and ensure regional requirements are addressed with appropriate priority (legal, customer, business) to meet current & future business requirements
  • To collect business requirements with appropriate priority and communicate the agreed project portfolio plan to all stakeholders
  • To manage and execute IT and process roll-out projects meeting cost-time-and performance targets in close co-operation with RO Depts., IN GB partners and central / GB team members
  • To seek opportunities for RO-INDIA synergy & harmonization among RO INDIA legal entities for IT strategy and delivery
  • To budget, report and monitor IT costs and define actions to optimize and sustain optimal utilization of IT resources
  • To define organizational policies with respect to IT resources & deploy processes to enable the business users
  • To closely work with DSO / ISP function responsible to deploy needs to Information security as defined by central department & adapt as per regional IT act requirements
  • To conduct the necessary mitigation controls as per AIM requirements for defined systems / applications as per responsibility defined (central, regional / local applications)
  • To collaborate with Central (e.g. G42/PJ-SPM, CF, CP, CI etc..) / GB (GB ICOs, Regional / LE ICO etc.) for alignment and learn and deploy the best practices horizontally to improve the effective utilization of IT resources (Infrastructure / applications)
  • To identify, build & sustain the competency of Process expert organization in the business functions & ICO for ensuring the process governance w.r.t. utilization of IT resources.
  • To co-ordinate with Corporate IT division to deploy training methods and sessions for quick adaptation of new tools and optimal usage of the tools
  • To continuously work on improving the competency level of ICO associates and ensuring the motivation of ICO employees in the region including plants by using structured deployment and leadership approach
  • To constantly review the trends / seek opportunities to test and implement new IT tools / applications / methods to enhance the business capabilities to meet business strategy


Strategy & Roadmap

  • To lead and develop Digital Strategy for the GB/business unit/Functions , in consultation with senior management, GB/business unit leaders, functional heads based on respective business/functional strategies  and priorities  
  • To lead and guide leadership team for better understanding of digital technologies and their use cases & facilitate digital performance measures for leaders  
  • To create a medium term and short term digital roadmap based on digital strategy for GB and functions 

Project Management & Execution 

  • Centrally Govern and steer various digital initiatives/projects  and realize the projects in the defined roadmap. Create a reporting and communication channels to monitor/support the progress of the same with senior leadership team / DTC (Digital transformation council)
  • To create methods / mechanisms for assessment of current digital maturity and play the catalyst role in improving the digital maturity in all focus areas of the business 
  • To collaborate with RBEI:DD & CI teams and deploy needed AI/analytic and visualization solutions and to promote the usage of data driven decision making thro' Data Analytics team  

Digital Skills & Work force preparation

  • To closely collaborate with HR, BTC & other business leaders to define the needed digital skills and co-create curricula for enabling these digital skills in the workforce at all levels and if needed, definition of new digital roles in the organization 
  • To create digital champions across the organization to improve the foot print of digital transformation & deploy methods / platform to recognize and reward the digital champions 

Performance Metrics & Ecosystem

  • To arrive at new digital performance metrics with senior management in combination with traditional KPI boards 
  • To create an ecosystem to facilitate experimentation of new digital technologies and arrive at the Proof of concepts and technical solution proofing  

Market / customer, Benchmarking & Collaboration

  • To work closely with customer facing functions to integrate the touch points to enhance the customer experiences (not only in B2C segment, but also in B2B business segments)
  • To work closely with business leaders to convert the above proof of concepts in to marketable solutions / business models (e.g. as-a-service solutions) to augment the top line   
  • To plan and lead the benchmarking initiatives from best of businesses and seek opportunities for deployment of the same in the company 
  • To closely work with RBEI: Digital team, CI and GB CDO teams to leverage upon the central initiatives and common platforms for mutual benefit and value generation. 
  • To collaborate with Central (e.g. G42/PJ-SPM, CF, CP, CI etc..) / GB (GB ICOs, Regional / LE ICO etc.) for alignment and learn and deploy the best practices horizontally to improve the effective utilization of IT resources (Infrastructure / applications)
  • To constantly review the trends / seek opportunities to test and implement new digital tools / applications / methods to enhance the business capabilities to meet business strategy


  • Engineering with Management diploma / CA or equivalent  with professional qualifications in field area relating to information technologies
  • Professional certification in Project management preferred
  • Any additional PG diploma / knowledge of Operations management preferred
  • Overall experience in Business process, IT & related services & project management about 12-15 years:
  • Business process experience in the areas of Sales logistics / production logistics / Finance and controlling
  • Basic IT exposure in the areas of Infrastructure and application architecture
  • IT project management – Minimum 2 IT projects (with min duration of about 1 year+) (preferred diverse team members: regions, countries, functions etc.)
  • Experience in handling organization change management initiatives
  • Experience in managing multi-locational setup with leadership position 
  • Knowledge / usage of IT collaboration tools
  • Knowledge / experience in process maturity / improvement assessment tools

Additional Information

  • Analytical & conceptual thinking with systems / process orientation (end to end)
  • Ability to communicate across horizontal & vertical stakeholders in the organization
  • Collaborate with global / diverse teams
  • Ability to manage matrix organization & project organization
  • Result focus and future orientation
  • Adaptability, Service orientation & connect with end user from the perspective of user experience
  • Good negotiation skills
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