Calibration Engineer Vehicle/整车标定工程师_PS_校园招聘

  • Wuxi, China
  • Full-time
  • Legal Entity: Bosch Automotive Diesel Systems Co., Ltd.

Company Description

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Job Description


-        走进博世最先进的柴油供给系统,排放后处理系统,混动、纯电动和燃料电池系统,与国内外各路专家们一起探寻最前沿的动力总成技术;

-        参与最先进的柴油供给系统,排放后处理系统,混动、纯电动和燃料电池系统的客户项目的开发,通过完善的标定使各种动力驱动车辆具备完善的驾驶性,起动性,兼顾排放和经济性。

岗位关键词/Key Words:  车辆,标定 ,动力总成,电控数据管理


岗位职责/Job Responsibilities:

1.     在博世公司/客户所在地或其他地方标定和验证电控单元中车辆相关的功能,准备及完成开发报告

Calibration and validation of ECU vehicle functions at Bosch / customer side and others,prepare and finish development report

2.     为提高标定质量,减少开发成本及标准化标定制定策略

Develop strategies for improving quality, reducing effort and standardization of calibration

3.     为客户的工程师在标定方面提供培训及咨询

Educate and consult engineers of customer in calibration issues.

4.     开发并使用标定工具,实施质量及标定流程

Deal,develop and consult with calibration tools, quality and calibration processes.

5.      参加夏季/冬季/高原试验,在极端环境下标定和验证车辆的性能

Join summer- /winter-/ trial tests for vehicle calibration and validation under extreme conditions.

6.     支持技术经理与相关开发部门,销售部门及客户开发部门进行沟通,以确保标定的质量及安全性。

Support TPM to communicate with other development departments, sales, customer engineering departments and others to ensure quality and safety of calibration

7.     遵循博世标定流程,实施的客户项目数据管理,并为量产提供数据固化服务

Follow Bosch calibration process, deal with data management in customer project, and offer container for series production.


1.      教育背景:硕士或以上学历,内燃机、汽车工程、控制工程等相关专业;

Master degree or above in Internal Combustion Engine, Automotive Engineering, control engineering or equivalent subject

2.     英文:CET-6级,良好的英文书写及口语能力(能流利的使用英语讨论技术问题)

CET6, Good English in both spoken and written (Fluent discussion of technical topics possible).

3.      熟悉发动机,混动,纯电动和 燃料电池等动力总成和车辆,以及开环闭环的控制策略

Being familiar with engine, vehicle, closed/ open loop control strategies

4.     能够使用Matlab, Simulink, LabView 等仿真工具

Being able to use simulation tools e.g. Matlab, Simulink, LabView,

5.      具有或能够的到车辆驾驶证

Owning car / truck driving license or having ability for reaching it

6.     能力要求:      

·       学习新知识很快

Quick learner

·       良好的团队合作精神

Good team player

·       良好的沟通表达能力

Good communication ability


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