MBA Accounts Coordinator (Full Time MBA Qualification)

  • Broadwaterpark North Orbital Road, Denham, United Kingdom
  • Full-time
  • Legal Entity: Robert Bosch Ltd.

Company Description

We are seeking to appoint an individual who is looking to undertake a two year student role with the objective of achieving an MBA, subsequently, as a fundamental requirement for applicants it is expected that you provide a covering letter expressing your background and intent to take on such an MBA qualification. This role will be part of a dual education system, whilst working full time. You will be enrolled and complete a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in collaboration with either the European College of Business and Management (ECBM) or English MBA programme, dependant on individual circumstance.  The part-time MBA programme is designed to allow work and study at the same time. The courses will take place in London and Germany. Bosch will cover the cost of MBA degree and travel costs entirely. The John Moores University in Liverpool awards the MBA certificate. There is a manageable balance of course work over weekends, whilst working a full week.

Job Description

  •  Analysis of debt
  •  Investigation/clarification of overdue debt items internally with colleagues and externally with customers
  •  Instigation and tracking of debt clearance
  •  Compilation of all required data and approvals for credit note processing.
  •  Creation of manual credit and debit notes ensuring transparency of process at all times.  
  •  Liaise with colleagues and SAP key user to ensure suitability and transparency of relationship between CMD set up and processing of customer orders, deliveries and invoicing.
  •  Ensure timely entry of all prices as agreed between sales colleagues and customers. Highlight discrepancies.
  • Analyse and process any retrospective price agreements in coordination with sales teams, customer, Bosch sales divisions and central accounting department.


  • Business or Finance Degree is required
  • Understanding of Accounts Receivables Function
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel Skills
  • Good Communication and Organisational Skills
  • Proficient in German and English Language

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