Crop Modelling and Remote Sensing Expert

  • Adugodi Main Rd, AK Colony, Adugodi, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
  • Full-time
  • Legal Entity: Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Private Ltd.

Job Description

·         Work at the interface of crop modelling, remote sensing, data assimilation and agro-ecosystem modelling.

·         Calibrating and using crop models with climate and economic modelers to assess impact of climate scenarios on crop production and food security for regions.

·         Testing and comparing multiple crop models for their variability against observed response data on temperature, CO2, water availability, and management inputs.

·         Improving code and relationships of crop models at process-level to give more accurate responses to climatic, management, and genetic factors.

·         Developing methodologies for simulating climate impacts on agriculture for regions with low soil fertility, low inputs, and low water availability.

·         Applying crop models to evaluate adaptations to minimize impacts and take advantage of climate change scenarios.

·         Download and analyze remote sensing imagery and process daily weather data.

·         Develop and use crop modelling and geo-spatial tools to understand and predict yield gaps.

·         Visit farms for collection of data and come up with initiatives for crop quality improvements and Package of Practice Modifications.

·         Keep updated on new methods for the processing of optical imagery relevant to Agri Domain.


·         Masters/Ph.D degree in crop science, plant sciences or remote sensing.

·         Knowledgeable in crop modelling (Preferably in Horticulture Crops, Oil‐bearing crops, Cereals, Pulses, Tubers and Fruits)

·         Able to implement and write processing scripts in R or Python.

·         Strong knowledge and work experience on different types of models like Static, Statistical, Mechanistic, Deterministic, Stochastic, Descriptive, Explanatory Dynamic Simulation models and apply them for crop modeling to analyze the outcomes.

·         Result-oriented mid-career scientist with at least 6-8 years of relevant working experience.

Additional Information

1.     Personal Characteristics

·         Confident, flexible, solution driven.

·         An inquisitive mind that is not afraid to explore new roads and take initiative.

·         Good analytical and problem solving skills, with eye for detail.

·         Ability to work independently and work well in a multi-disciplinary and international team.

·         Well organized, keeping to deadlines, pro-active and responsible.  

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