Cloud Devops Intern/云平台运维实习生_CI_暑期实习

  • Shanghai, China
  • Full-time
  • Legal Entity: Bosch (China) Investment Ltd.

Company Description

Do you want beneficial technologies being shaped by your ideas? Whether in the areas of mobility solutions, consumer goods, industrial technology or energy and building technology - with us, you will have the chance to improve quality of life all across the globe. Welcome to Bosch.

Job Description

Continuous integration and delivery is a key success factor to modern software development. A mature CI/CD pipeline is especially important when it comes to building mobile Apps and applications based on Microservice architecture and container technologies, which are typically fast evolving. Bosch Digital Application Delivery team is offering this challenging opportunity to young IT talents to help us enhance our CI/CD toolchain in region Asia Pacific in order to facilitate mobile and cloud native application development especially. You will be working with our best local and overseas IT professionals to shape a better foundation for reliable software development within Bosch by applying modern industrial level tools and principles to fit our specific needs and IT policies.
1. 研究现代IT行业最新的CI/CD概念,最佳的实际操作和工具
2. 定位本地开发团队当前面临的痛点和障碍
4. 通过简易模型检测联通组件的效用
- 熟悉软件开发周期
- 熟悉Git及相关工具
- 流利的英语听说读写能力
- 学习能力强,具有良好的团队合作精神
- 有挑战精神
- 具有CI/CD工具链和平台工作经验者优先,如Jenkins或GitLab
- 具有云平台工作经验者优先,如Azure和华为云端平台
- 具有Docker和Kubernetes工作经验者优先
Job responsibilities:
1. Study up-to-trend CI/CD concepts, best practices and tools in modern IT industry
2. Identify pain points and obstacles that local development teams are currently facing
3. Define and build pipeline components for mobile and cloud & containerized application development, by considering China / AP specific requirements with the support from Bosch central CI/CD team.
4. Prototype simple showcases to prove that the pipeline works
5. Share knowhow and experience with Bosch colleagues



- Solid Java / Groovy skill
- Good understanding of software development cycle
- Familiar with Git and corresponding tools
- Fluent written and spoken English
- Fast learner and good team player
- Embrace challenges
- Experience with CI/CD toolchains and platforms, e.g. Jenkins or GitLab, is a big plus
- Experience with Cloud platforms, e.g. MS Azure and Huawei Cloud is a big plus
- Experience with  Docker and Kubernetes is a big plus
-Internship period is from July to August, 5 working day per week. 

Additional Information

• Internal Referral bonus of this vacancy: RMB 3,000 (Valid only for Bosch associates). For the detailed regulation, please refer to Bosch China Internal Referral Policy

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