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  • Celaya, Celaya, Guanajuato, mx
  • Full-time
  • Legal Entity: Robert Bosch Sistemas Automotrices, S.A. de C.V.

Company Description

Bosch was founded in Stuttgart in 1886 by Robert Bosch (1861-1942) and for more than 130 years has been distinguished by a unique corporate culture based on solid values ​​that drive us to improve every day. Our products, present in a wide variety of fields, that contribute to improve the quality of life of millions of people.

Job Description

Responsible to implement, maintain and improve the manufacturing process, ensure technical availability of equipment in all shifts. Fulfil Value Stream KPI’s: IDC, FOR, Technical Down time.

New product introduction, equipment and process definition, acquisition, validation and installation on production environment. Develop process and instructions for processes, write material to train technicians, and processes for maintenance: Preventive, predictive and corrective.

·     Production Support:

·       Align with Value Stream Main KPI’s

·       Design procedures, instructions and training material for TPM

·       Responsible to reach technical availability, cycle time and defect cost targets for equipment under his supervision.

·       Ensure manufacturing process compliance with engineering principles, customer requirements, Bosch standards and process specifications.

·       Train and instruct production and technical personnel.

·       Support according the VS shift model

·       New Product / New  Processes

·       Get involved on the process to: Define, Acquire, Transfer, Accept, Validate, Release and install production process and equipment according to Bosch standards.

·       Fulfill APQP planning:  EWAK runs, Pre-PV’s PV, and SOP (validation, release and sample runs)

·       Participate actively with MFE (manufacturing planning) on projects and new releases

·       Participate with Lead Plant / Development, on manufacturing process definition, product handling, cycle time, hardware design etc.

·       Process and equipment

·       Define and apply TPM (total productive maintenance) activities, schedule, and training.

·       Define SMED process for Change over standards.

·       Define and control Equipment spare parts

·       Define and display process parameters, from development spec. and standards form DMD’s, VVT’s. VA, DI, etc. (Divisional and product technical specifications)

·       Equipment budget control

·       Compliance equipment capability trough MSA process , and Quality best practices

·       Develops continues improvement project as part of continuous improvement process (CIP).

·       Define reaction plans, troubleshooting guides, and problem solving techniques for the technical associates (technicians)

·       Set standards and methods for process confirmation

·       Active exchange of lessons learned from other and to other Value Stream and IPN plants

·       Use problem solving techniques to find root cause for every problem on the process/equipment.

·       Use project management techniques to manage internal external projects.

·       Use Bosch Production System to establish production and CIP best practices.

·       Use Bosch Standards to modify process and changes on it: PCR’s, ECR. (Product and Process Changes)

·       Participate on PFMEA and Control Plan for assigned process, new and current.


Test Engineer:

·       Responsible to define, implement, maintain and improve the Electrical Test, and associate processes required for product manufacturing, including but not limited to PLC & Controls, robotics, computers programing, printing, laser marking and keep the process under control according to process parameters.

·       Responsible to evaluate Test plan and test coverage.

·       Define with R&D and product engineering changes on the test sequence according to specifications.

·       Develop SW for equipment and process automation.

·       Responsible for Define process parameters according to DMD, VVT, DI, etc.

·       Responsible to validate NPI establishing process parameters, mechanical dimensions and production release.

·       Responsible to train technicians on configuration and process parameters

·       Some processes associate with a Test Engineer: Memory Programing, ICT, vision systems, Electrical /Functional TEST, Calibration Test, label printing, Laser Marking.


·       Knowledge on instrumentation equipment: Oscilloscope, millimeter, frequency analyzer, counters, DSP cards, DATA Acquisition, Test stand, Lab view, Test sequencer. Virtual Instrumentation

·       Full knowledge on electronics: Analog: Electrical circuits, Semiconductors, Power device.  Digital: A/D, D/A, DSP, Logic circuits, ram, rom, flash memory programmers. Communication   Protocols: CAN, I2C, and Serial asynchronous and synchronous.

·       Vision system concept

·       Handling and programming Scanners: Data logic, Cognex, Keyence.

·       High and low level programing skills: PC programing C++, C Sharp and related, oriented to object programming.

·       Computer Network skills

·       Database programing and setup.


Advanced English

Availability to travel internationally

Availability to stay in an international assignment for more than 6 month period

Additional Information

Bosch is constantly expanding its international presence, since for us cultural diversity represents one of our greatest strengths. We are continuously promoting the growth of our more than 13,000 associates, who develop their full potential in one of the highest quality companies in technology. We value the balance between personal and work life as one of the main tools to improve the creativity and productivity of our associates.

Do you want beneficial technologies being shaped by your ideas? Whether in the areas of mobility solutions, consumer goods, industrial technology or energy and building technology – with us, you will have the chance to improve quality of life all across the globe. Welcome to Bosch.

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