Workforce Planning Specialists

  • I-695, Washington, DC, USA
  • Full-time

Company Description

BluPrint, LLC is the leader in delivering human capital strategy and action plans that help our clients meets their business objectives.

We are committed to:

  •     Developing sound partnerships with each client;
  •     Engaging with our clients to better understand their human capital requirements and goals;
  •     Delivering value-add solutions that keep our clients compliant and on the right track;
  •     Doing it right.

We are seeking Workforce Planning Specialists to support human capital initiatives for our federal clients.

If you meet the minimum qualifications - then we want YOU! 

Job Description

Workforce planning is the systematic process for identifying and addressing the gaps existing between competencies the workforce currently possesses and future competency requirements.

 Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing workforce strategic plans that incorporate future requirements and succession planning needs
  • Conducting workforce gap analyses and assessments to identify gap reduction strategies including an evaluation of operational effectiveness, including systems, policies, and standards; identification of defects, gaps, and areas of risk; documentation of workforce trends
  • Providing recommendations on how to structure the organization and deploy the workforce
  • Characterizing internal and external barriers to accomplishing strategic workforce goals
  • Developing action plans to implement the strategies, and measures for assessing strategic progress including recruiting, training/retraining,restructuring organizations, contracting out, succession planning, technological enhancements, etc.
  • Developing and refining business cases and surveillance and reporting strategies to support the workforce strategic plan
  • Monitoring progress against milestones, assessing for continuous improvement purposes,and adjusting the plan to make course corrections and to address new workforce issues
  • Providing leadership tools (e.g. dashboards, presentations, etc.) to assist with measuring progress
  • Developing comprehensive competency modeling approaches and baseline competency repositories including core competencies for the agency, technical competencies for each role in the agency; and competencies and draft proficiency levels
  • Conduct external benchmarking and internal focus groups to validate competencies and proficiency levels
  • Map competencies and position descriptions to career-pathing program
  • Establishing, leveraging, and supporting the creation of a talent pipeline with colleges and universities that are aligned with the agency’s mission critical disciplines 
  • Providing comprehensive source of global talent supply and demand data, predictive analytics and insights into real-time job markets


Ten to fifteen years of relevant experience

Master's Degree in related field

Excellent customer service skills

Excellent oral and written communication skills

Excellent command of the English language

Eligible to work in the United States in a federal environment

Additional Information

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