Marketing Project Manager

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  • Employees can work remotely
  • Full-time

Company Description

Hi there, we are Blazer - a risk-free, pay per profit eCommerce agency that helps international online direct to consumer brands generate $15MM+ per year. Of course, we are trying to reach $100MM+ , so we need you!

Our team is located worldwide, but our goals and values are based on harmonious teamwork, mutual trust, long-term cooperation, and a constant desire to deliver the best services and care to our people and brands.

We are a small, ambitious , talented, and strong remote team!🌎💪

Yes! 10 Blazerians looking to incorporate new teammates during 2021.🚀

Job Description

Now we are looking for a Senior eCommerce Project manager.

The SR eCommerce Project manager will lead and manage eCommerce projects. 

This highly collaborative and customer-facing role will need to work closely with all departments, including performance, back-end, creatives, and technology teams, to help our team reach better results and deliver quality solutions to our customers.

The Senior eCommerce Project Manager will be working closely with our Head of Growth to execute and manage profit-generating projects in addition to long-term growth.

Your responsibilities will be:

  • Create project timelines, and manage project milestones and deliverables.

  • Coordinate with cross-discipline team members to ensure that all parties are on track with project requirements, deadlines, and schedules.

  • Writing, briefing, assigning tasks in ASANA for colleagues who are working with our clients

  • Maximize impact and return on investment, applying strategic oversight as well as adopting a structured approach to prioritization

  • Set priorities in the implementation and development of campaigns that support the business and program objectives, integrating the right mix of demand generation tactics

  • Use data to identify campaign bottlenecks and suggest solutions and strategies for lifting performance

  • Overall client performance and KPI setting - test, scale, optimize

  • Effectively balance the needs of the client, as well as the needs of the agency and internal teams.

  • Identify, procure and manage outside vendors that are best suited for assigned projects when required.

  • Responsibility for hiring necessary people to improve client’s results with HR Support. 

  • Structure and follow product budget to compete with global players and grow ROI positive business

  • A/B test and monitor like crazy & share your findings with other team members

  • Work with the leadership team to improve our internal processes

  • Active communication with our clients, leading weekly meetings with them and with our internal team.

  • Anticipate any potential issues with the project through quick responses and proactive critical thinking

  • Daily tracking and analyzing results in Google Analytics and other platforms, also planning the next steps to improve results

  • Conducting post-project evaluation and identifying successful and unsuccessful project elements


  • You have 3+ years of experience leading projects in eCommerce and digital marketing areas 
  • You possess strong knowledge of branding and marketing.

  • You are always up to date on the e-commerce industry through groups, blogs, and courses to grow our client’s accounts and impress your teammates with the latest info.

  • You’re detail-oriented, organized, and excellent at juggling the different timelines and people involved in various initiatives. 

  • Thrive under pressure and maintain composure during complicated client interactions

  • You are good at reading data, analyzing it, and creating data-based reports.

  • You have a” winning mindset.”

  • You Have a positive “can-do” attitude

  • You are Always willing to go the extra mile.

Additional Information

What we offer:

  • 💰 Salary from $2000/month to $4000/month (Netto) - depends on your experience.

  • 💸 Possibility to earn High bonuses (second salary 🤑) attached to KPIs/Goals.

  • ⌚ Flexible working hours - do your work on time (work when you’re most productive and choose your hours).

  • 👨‍🏫 Self-Development driven team (you will kill all your bad habits and come up with new ones).

  • 👨‍🏫 Constant push and motivation from your mentors to help you grow in your career.

  • 👨‍💼 Ability to hire junior/assistant (need help to work on more important tasks - go for it).

  • 🏢 Office in the center of Vilnius in case you are from Lithuania, anyway you can work from wherever you want!🌎 

  • 📚 Access to courses worth 20,000$+.

  • 🚀 A chance to grow eCommerce brands to $100mm/year and learn how to do it.

  • 🤝 Have an idea to do a business together? Let’s talk about this!

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.