Senior Manager Data Scientist - Medical

  • Paris la Defense Cedex, France
  • Full-time
  • Department: Information Technology
  • Region: EU+/Canada

Job Description

Biogen Healthcare Solution team is looking for an outstanding and proven Data Product Manager to join an exciting new digital project in Neurology at an early stage. The Data Product Manager will be primarily responsible for designing the product data collection strategy, lead the data processing and machine learning pipelines, interactive visualization tools, and reporting dashboards for key outcomes of interest. The ideal candidate will also be capable of designing, executing, and communicating the results of multiple ongoing analyses, either in isolation or in collaboration with members of a multidisciplinary team (clinical science, medical, product, design, ops, marketing, etc.).


1. Providing vision and direction to the product team, in collaboration with Clinical Science lead and Medical Lead, to ensure health and sensors data collection and processing of relevant digital features to answer highly strategic scientific and product related questions in Neuroscience.

2. Building the foundation of state-of-the-art scientific and technical capabilities in order to support the development of digital feature extraction and processing pipelines from BHS solutions for neurological assessments in clinical trial and real-world data collection configurations.

3. Designing, implementing, and evaluating statistical models and approaches for advanced digital data analytics. Lead collaborations with 3rd party companies providing operational data science support.

4. Communicating and sharing the process and results of the digital data analyses to heterogeneous audiences.


? 5+ years of experience applying machine learning to real-world problems and crafting scalable and effective data solutions.
? Strong data mining and statistical modeling background.
? Expertise in quantifying & forecasting time series data.
? Prior e

Additional Information

Biogen Healthcare Solutions (BHS) organization design, develop, deliver and optimize large scale, strategic digital services for Biogen customers in line with Biogen vision of being a trusted and valued leader in Neurosciences. Digital solutions from BHS aim at being the best of the breed, the global leader in the service area they operate in.

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