Pre-opening/Project Manager

  • Hettenheuvelweg 51, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, nl
  • Full-time

Company Description

Belvar Development is a business unit within the Belvar Group. We are based in Amsterdam and work with development projects across Europe. Belvar Development is responsible for Belvars new openings as well as internal restorations. We are responsible for the project until the day of the opening when we hand over to our operational divisions, Belvar Complete and Belvar Life. Our purpose is to provide our teams with a hotel, restaurant or another venue – which is completed, functional, equipped and ready to open for guests. 

We work very close together with our development partners to make sure we deliver a venue according to its brand and our companies standards. 

Our highest volume of projects at the moment is the roll out of Moxy Hotels across Europe, together with Vastint Hospitality. Right now we have around 40 new hotels in the pipeline. Parallel with the Moxy Hotel roll out we currently work on several full-scale hotel projects, restaurants and other internal restorations. 

We perform site investigation to make sure that the new project is according to the market needs and our customers and owner’s requests. We make sure that every outlet opens in time, has the correct licenses and insurance in place. We make sure that the handover to our operational divisions are completed and well documented. We procure 5SU, FF&E, contractual procurement and IT. After the openings, we follow up on installations and deliveries. We make sure the operational division has what is needed to run a smooth, efficient and cost efficient daily service.

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Job Description


We are looking for you who is currently working in a hotel or a restaurant - you have a good knwoledge of operation and you are willing to share this knowledge to open new hotels or restaurant. You are an excellent problem solver, you care for the staff and your passions is guest service. 

This is a great opportunity to be a part of a fantastic team. This role offers a lot of travelling, you will work with Europe as your base and you will get to visit many exciting new places. When we do a hotel opening, you will be on site up to five days a week for the ramp up period. And if required after the opening, to follow up, be on site – assisting the operations and make sure everything is working as it should.

The Pre-opening/Project Manager has a lot of support from other people in the team, but in the end, you are responsible for delivering the product to the operations team. You are the mentor for the future manager – to make sure they have all the necessary information to run this operations. The Pre-opening/Project Manager has a good background from operations, is a doer – get things done, is a great teacher and good at giving clear directions. You are aware that the smallest of details make the big picture complete. Nothing slips away – or put a side.

By the end of the day this is an amazing and fun position! To be working with so many new projects across Europe. Meeting new people, learning every small detail necessary for a hotel/restaurant to open. The reward by the end of the day is a successful completion – and to leave the project knowing that this is a great product, which you have accomplished from start to finish! There is a clear goal of each project… There is hard work, long days in period – and in period there is slower and more time for reflection and improvements.


As a project manager, you are responsible for a project from start to finish. You will join kick off meetings together with design teams, architects and developers. You will be proactive in the work moving forward and make sure that the project is aligned with Belvars standards. You will work close together with the project managers from the developer and the contractors. You are responsible for the operational delivery of the facility.

You will be on site for the opening periods, making sure everyone knows what to do. You will instruct and delegate the work needed to reach completion. You are a mentor for the future manager and you are the connection between him/her and the project.

You follow up after completion, make sure that it runs as expected and support the manager if there are any challenges.


This is a workflow which can describe the process for a hotel opening

  • Kick off meetings on site, site visits. Studies on the project, taking feedback from operations and commercial departments on operational requirements. You study the feasibility for the site and make sure it´s aligned with Belvars expectations.
  • You will follow the design process, do reviews of drawings and make sure it´s all approved. You will focus on details and operational solutions. Making sure the logistic is perfect and the project has all required solutions in place.
  • You are an expert in your field.
  • You manage resources and consultants.
  • Making sure all licenses and administrations are in order.
  • You make sure the procurement is being done as expected.
  • You coordinate the pre-opening, scheduling for suppliers and installations, you book external resources needed.
  • You manage the communication between the developer’s project manager and the Belvar team.
  • You are responsible for handover of the site and inspections.
  • You handover accordingly to the new manager and make sure they have all necessary trainings.
  • You follow up after opening and coordinate the weekly post-opening meetings.
  • After completion, you make the project documentations including financial results.


  • You have an operational background in a management position.
  • Preferably you have been working in a management position within a hotel or restaurant for a few years.
  • You are a secure leader and used to work in high pace.
  • You are a doer, who get things done by acting and you are used to have many things in the loop at the same time.
  • You always find solutions and you work in good processes and with control.
  • Our business language is English
  • Other preferred language: German, Italian, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Italian, Polish
  • You have good knowledge in office package and any project management tool.
  • You have hospitality education or working experience to support your knowledge.

Additional Information

Reports to

Chief Development Officer (CDO) of Belvar Development


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Travel requirements

Estimated travel 75-85%


Belvar is a hotel management and development Company. Belvar operates hotels in franchise agreement with Marriott International. Our team consists of experienced hoteliers, which support our real estate partner (VASTINT) within the entire process of founding and operating a brand new hotel chain called MOXY Hotels. Our goal is to achieve long-term success to every single project.