Artist Relation Manager (Beijing - China)

  • Beijing, China
  • Full-time

Company Description

Believe is above all a passion for music, tech, and digital marketing, shared by over 1,200 talented people in more than 45 countries. It is a visionary and entrepreneurial spirit that drives us and makes us a world leader in the digital distribution of music.

Believe is a tribe of experts who successfully meet the challenges of the transformation of our music industry every day. It’s an adventure, a human adventure, and one that is propitious and stimulating for all of us.

Finally, Believe is a story that began in 2005 and that we must continue to narrate, now, and with you. Believe's mission is to develop labels and artists in the most suitable way, at each stage of their career and development. In all local markets around the world. With respect, expertise, fairness and transparency.

Job Description

1. 音乐人关系发展与签约

·       根据既定策略完成独立音乐人的沟通谈判与签约

·       通过Salesforce实现对潜在签约机会的跟进与管理

·       通过信息收集,完成对潜在合作项目的价值评估

·       音乐人、经纪公司的关系维护及日常沟通,收集市场信息

·       尝试利用所有资源,创新的支持独立音乐人的发展

·       分析并跟踪签约表现

2. 签约音乐人的与服务与发行管理

·       管理服务已签约音乐人,提高客户对Believe的满意度

·       通过与Video, Marketing, EMP等部门的合作,确保发行项目顺利完成

·       重视客户反馈,并为整体服务改善做出贡献


·       可靠的沟通谈判经验与技巧

·       对音乐行业与独立音乐人有深刻了解

·       了解数字音乐产业,音乐版权相关知识

·       在音乐行业拥有扎实的社交网络

·       对技术,数据和音乐人/厂牌开发充满热情

·       Preferred: Producer / Indie Artist / A&R  background

Additional Information

Believe strongly promotes equal treatment regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, martial or civil partner status, pregnancy or maternity, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies.

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